23rd Jan2019

‘Fire in the Lake’ Board Game Review

by Matthew Smail

The Vietnam War has been depicted in numerous ways over the years and remains the subject of much discussion for armchair generals all over the world. Whilst there are hundreds of documentaries, movies and to a lesser extent, video games about Vietnam, board games are fairly infrequent. Whilst this may be because The Vietnam War […]

23rd May2018

‘Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection’ Board Game Review

by Matthew Smail

Prior to playing 878 Vikings earlier this year, I hadn’t played a single war game. Since then, including 878, I’ve played and reviewed seven and this, Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection will be the eighth. It’s also, by far, the most complex. Liberty or Death may be the heaviest game I’ve played to date; but […]

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