14th Nov2016

‘The Windmill Massacre’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi, Ben Batt, Fiona Hampton, Noah Taylor | Written by Suzy Quid, Chris W. Mitchell | Directed by Nick Jongerius Massacre this, massacre that… Thanks to the infamy of Tobe Hooper’s now-classic 70s exploitation shocker The Texas Chainsaw Massacre it seems that we can’t escape a horrifying cinematic massacre… The latest […]

20th Jul2013

‘Frankenstein’s Army’ Review

by Guest

Stars: Karel Roden, Joshua Sasse, Robert Gwilym, Alexander Mercury, Luke Newberry, Hon Ping Tang, Andrei Zayats, Mark Stevenson | Written by Richard Raaphorst, Chris W. Mitchell, Miguel Tejada-Flores | Directed by Richard Raaphorst Review by Scott Clark of Cinehouse Over the past few years there’s been a real peak in the impact of fan-boy fantasy […]

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