02nd Jul2014

Graphic Novel Review: ‘The Extinction Parade – Volume 1’

by Paul Metcalf

Written by Max Brooks | Illustrated by Raulo Caceres | Published by Avatar Press | Format: Paperback, 160pp In pop culture it’s fair to say that vampires and zombies are still the most popular monsters right now.  With World War Z Max Brooks created a zombie apocalypse that fans loved (in book form at least) […]

24th Mar2014

Graphic Novel Review: Über – Volume 1

by Paul Metcalf

Written by Kieron Gillen | Illustrated by Caanan White | Published by Avatar Press | Format: Paperback, 176 pp When I started to read Über: Volume 1 I wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about what I was reading.  With an ambiguous sense of who are the heroes and who are the villains in the first half […]

28th Mar2013

‘Stitched: Volume One’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Story by Garth Ennis | Script & Art by Mike Wolfer | Published by Avatar Press | Distributed by Titan Books | Format: Paperback, 176pp Garth Ennis, creator of one of my favourite comics of all time, The Boys, and the gloriously OTT ultra-violent horror comic Crossed, is back once again with another slice of […]