17th Aug2014

‘INK’ Review (Short Film)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Sam Hayman, Austin Hayden, Gordon Holliday, Christopher Muir, Billy Hay, John Harley, Chris Goldie | Written and Directed by Andy Stewart It’s only been two years since writer-turned-director Andy Stewart unleashed his first short film Dysmorphia on an unsuspecting public. The first in his proposed “Reflections” trilogy, that film was an impressive body-horror short that […]

16th Feb2014

‘Split’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Austin Hayden, Shian Denovan | Written and Directed by Andy Stewart It was two years ago when I first saw blogger-turned-filmmaker Any Stewart’s short Dysmorphia, his superb take on the body-horror genre pioneered by the likes of David Cronenberg. Since then we’ve had the likes of Éric Falardeau’s Thanatomorphose – a feature length look […]

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