15th Mar2022

Romford Horror Festival 2022: ‘Tales of the Creeping Death’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Michael Socha, Andrew Readman, Dean Ackerman, Ricky Tomlinson, James Whitehurst, John Solomonides, Steve Wood, Solaya Rowley, George Newton, Billy Cook, Paul J. Dove, Maggie Evans | Written and Directed by John Williams Stoke-on-Trent filmmaker John Williams (no relation to the film composer of the same name) made his name, at least in the horror […]

27th Feb2022

Romford Horror Festival 2022 – Nerdly’s pick for Best Actor

by Kevin Haldon

As you may know Nerdly, the website, and our fledgling – but growing – YouTube channel are proudly latched on to the Romford Film Festival. I have loved working on the panels and having discussions about what we should and shouldn’t show, what should be nominated and what should win. However, I and my esteemed […]