03rd Aug2020

‘Baby Frankenstein’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Ian Barling, Cora Savage, Rance Nix, Andre Gower, Mike Rutkoski, Bill Rutkoski, Patrick McCartney, Eileen Rosen, Yannis Stergiopoulos | Written by Mike Rutkoski | Directed by Jon YonKondy I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect from this movie based on the title alone. Perhaps some weird Frankenstein spin-off? Or maybe a twisted zombie tale? […]

24th Aug2018

Frightfest 2018 Interview: Gower & McComas on ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards’

by Stuart Wright

In the latest installment of his Frightfest 2018 pre-festival preview series, host Stuart Wright talks Wolfman’s Got Nards with Andre Gower and Henry Darrow McComas. A heartfelt love letter to the entire history of Fred Dekker’s 1987 cult classic THE MONSTER SQUAD, from the cast and crew members who brought the faux Universal creatures to […]

03rd Jul2018

Cinepocalypse 2018: ‘Wolfman’s Got Nards: A Documentary’ Review

by Phil Wheat

Featuring: Fred Dekker, Shane Black, Seth Green, Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert, Ashley Bank, Adam Carl, Tom Woodruff Jr., Joe Lynch, Steve Wang, Adam F. Goldberg, Duncan Regehr, Stephen Macht, Zach Galligan | Written by Andre Gower, Henry Darrow McComas | Directed by Andre Gower Wolfman’s Got Nards is a heartfelt documentary exploring the power of the […]