02nd Dec2022

‘Violent Night’ Review

by Matthew Turner

Stars: David Harbour, John Leguizamo, Beverly D’Angelo, Alex Hassell, Alexis Louder, Trudy Lightstone, Edi Patterson, Cam Gigandet, Brendan Fletcher, Mike Dopud | Written by Pat Casey, Josh Miller | Directed by Tommy Wirkola What do you get if you cross Die Hard, Bad Santa, Home Alone and Santa Claus: The Movie? The answer is Violent […]

24th Nov2021

‘Cowboy Bebop’ Review (Netflix)

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: John Cho, Mustafa Shakir, Daniella Pineda, Alex Hassell | Created by Christopher L. Yost I’ll start off this review by stating that I’ve not seen the anime (yet). This for me is what will make this review interesting as I’m going into it without expectations. What I found was an interesting fusion of styles […]