11th Feb2021

Spanish zombies return in ‘Curse of the Blind Dead’

by Phil Wheat

Raffaele Picchio’s Curse of the Blind Dead, which stars Aaron Stielstra, Alice Zanini, Francesca Pellegrini, and Bill Hutchens, comes to DVD and Digital on March 2nd from Uncork’d Entertainment, and we’ve got the new trailer and poster below, for you to check out! In the 14th century, a group of Satan worshipers, the Knights Templar, […]

26th Jun2020

‘Awesomely Righteous & Radical’ Review

by Chris Cummings

Created by Shane Ryan | Written by Luc Bernier, Jason Ewert, Dean Houlihan, Tom Jolliffe, Matti Soikkeli, Jim Towns | Directed by Luc Bernier, Jason Ewert, Dustin Ferguson, Dean Houlihan, Oliver Jolliffe, Shane Ryan, Matti Soikkeli, Aaron Stielstra, Jim Towns Pretty much everybody loves the 80s, right? Horror fans are no different, and homages are […]

14th Aug2019

Pass Horror Notes: ‘Landing Lake’ Review

by Aaron Shakespeare

LANDING LAKE Stars: Franck Assi, Emma Bown, Joanna-Leigh Hewitt, Veronica Osimani, Craig Peritz, Lee Ravitz, Aaron Stielstra, Victoire Vecchierini, Phil Zimmerman | Written and Directed by Cesare P. Libardi di K. Name: Landing Lake Age: 2019 Appearance: Distorted head scratcher of a science fiction horror filmed in Super 35mm around some woods in Italy. It […]

09th Jan2016

‘Anger of the Dead’ Review

by Richard Axtell

Stars: Aaron Stielstra, Michael Segal, Marius Bizau, Désirée Giorgetti, Claudio Camilli, David White, Ally McClelland, Roberta Sparta | Written and Directed by Francesco Picone In a world ravaged by a rabies virus that turns people into hungry cannibals, Alice, a pregnant survivor, along with two other men, struggles to reach an island unaffected by the […]