05th Mar2017

Cine-Sunday: ‘Connected’ Review

Stars: Louis Koo, Nick Cheung, Louis Fan, Barbie Hsu, Ye Liu, Eddie Cheung, Gong Beibi, Carlos Chan, Flora Chan, Ankie Black, Ken Hung, Felix Lok | Written...

03rd Mar2017

Interview: Charlie Day talks ‘Fist Fight’

Fist Fight sees Ice Cube and Charlie Day star as high school teachers prepared to solve their differences the hard way in the comedy – in cinemas...

03rd Mar2017

Milestone announce new racing IP – ‘Gravel’

Milestone, one of the leading and longest established racing game developer in the world, has announced its new IP dedicated to the 4-wheeled off-road world, Gravel; which...

03rd Mar2017

‘Bare Breasted Countess’ DVD Review (Screenbound)

Stars: Lina Romay, Jack Taylor, Alice Arno, Monica Swinn, Jess Franco, Luis Barboo, Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, Raymond Hardy, Anna Watican | Written and Directed by Jess Franco Countess...

03rd Mar2017

An all-new beginning… X-Men Prime #1

The RessurXion begins here… In the wake of Inhumans vs. X-Men, the Children of the Atom pick up the pieces and charge headlong into tomorrow; and it’s...

03rd Mar2017

‘An American Terror’ VOD Review

Stars: Jennifer Wilde, Graham Emmons, Kathryn Gould, Joe Abplanalp, Troy Alan, Michael Haskins, Taylor Hulett, Louise Macdonald, Patrick Sheridan | Written and Directed by Haylar Garcia A...

03rd Mar2017

Severin to unleash ‘Cathy’s Curse’ on Blu-ray

On April 11th, Severin Films will possess the souls of genre fans with the first ever fully restored presentation of Canadian nightmare generator Cathy’s Curse – one...

03rd Mar2017

Top 5: Great British Horror Films

In his latest podcast/interview Nerdly team member and Britflicks podcast host Stuart Wright talks with author and prolific podcaster Christopher Brown about Five Great British Horror Films....

03rd Mar2017

Capcom bringing 4 arcade favorites to iOS & Android

Capcom have announced that it will be bringing four arcade favorites to iOS and Android devices. The titles include 1942 Mobile, Ghosts‘N Goblins Mobile, Ghouls’N Ghosts Mobile...

03rd Mar2017

Competition: Win an ‘I.T.’ iTunes download code

From director John Moore (A Good Day to Die Hard, Max Payne) and starring an award-winning cast, including Golden Globe nominated Pierce Brosnan (James Bond, No Escape)...

03rd Mar2017

First trailer for Netflix war drama ‘Sand Castle’

Following the release of images from the film, Netflix have debuted the first trailer for war drama Sand Castle, which stars Nicholas Hoult, Henry Cavill, Logan Marshall-Green,...

03rd Mar2017

The History of Bad Ideas – Episode 165: The Mardi Gras Episode!

Emanating from their studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, The History of Bad Ideas sees hosts Jason, Jeff and Blake talk about all things geeky on their podcast. Whether...

03rd Mar2017

Hacking Hollywood: Three Classic Movies That Put Cyber Security in the Spotlight

Earlier this month the world celebrated Safer Internet Day, a worthy initiative that aims to improve all aspects of web security across the online world. In the...

02nd Mar2017

‘Firestorm’ DVD Review

Stars: Casper Van Dien, Lisa Ciara, Johnny Hawkes, Leah Bateman, John Mack, Jeff Clarke, Bryan Rasmussen, Joe Regalbuto, Tom DeTrinis, Brandy Redd, Eileen Dietz | Written by...

02nd Mar2017

Frightfest & Fab Press announce ‘The Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies’

Following the success of The FrightFest Guide to Exploitation Movies, FrightFest and FAB Press have once again joined forces to launch The Frightfest Guide to Monster Movies,...

02nd Mar2017

‘Hook Jaw #3′ Review

Written by Si Spurrier | Art by Conor Boyle | Published by Titan Comics Up to issue 3, and I’m still marveling that a book such as...

02nd Mar2017

Parade Deck Films unleash ‘The Dark Below’ on US cinemas

Parade Deck Films have announced the upcoming theatrical release of festival favorite The Dark Below. Directed by Douglas Schulze (Mimesis, Dark Fields) the film is a tense,...

02nd Mar2017

Monster-Movie Mayhem: ‘Jabberwock’ Review

Stars: Michael Worth, Tahmoh Penikett, Kacy Barnfield, Raffaello Degruttola, Steven Waddington | Written by Raul Inglis, Rafael Jordan | Directed by Steven R. Monroe Twas brillig, and...

02nd Mar2017

Poster Round-Up: Colossal Alien(s) Free Fire on the Goon

Welcome to the latest installment of the Nerdly poster round-up, where we bring you up to speed on some of the best (and worst) movie posters to...

02nd Mar2017

‘Torment: Tides of Numenera’ Review (PS4)

I’m by no means a role-playing games expert, but I like to delve into the genre sometimes and get lost in the worlds. Torment: Tides of Numenera...

02nd Mar2017

First look at Marvel’s ‘Deadpool: Bad Blood’ graphic novel

This May, Rob Liefeld returns to Marvel alongside fan-favorite creators Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (X-Men ’92) for an explosive adventure so big, it needed its own...

02nd Mar2017

‘Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #10′ Review

Written by Cavan Scott | Art by Adriana Melo | Published by Titan Comics This is a book on the up at the moment. It has been...