10th Apr2013

‘Grindhouse 7: Beach Babes From Beyond’ Review

Stars: Joe Estevez, Don Swayze, Joey Travolta, Burt Ward, Jackie Stallone, Linnea Quigley, Sarah Bellomo, Tamara Landry, Nicole Posey, Michael Todd Davis, Ken Steadman, Michael Roddy, Albert...

10th Apr2013

‘The Marine 3′ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin, Neal McDonough, Ashley Bell, Jared Keeso, Jeffrey Ballard, Ben Cotton, Steve Bacic, Sean Tyson, Darcy Laurie, Nicola Anderson | Written by Scott...

10th Apr2013

‘Bait’ Review

Stars: Xavier Samuel, Sharni Vinson, Julian McMahon, Phoebe Tonkin, Alex Russell, Dan Wyllie, Lincoln Lewis, Cariba Heine | Written by John Kim, Russell Mulcahy | Directed by...

09th Apr2013

‘Nature Calls’ Review

Stars: Johnny Knoxville, Maura Tierney, Patton Oswalt, Rob Riggle, Patrice O’Neal, Darrell Hammond | Written and Directed by Todd Rohal Todd Rohal follows up his bizarre offbeat...

09th Apr2013

‘Grindhouse 6: Seedpeople’ Review

Stars: Sam Hennings, Andrea Roth, Dane Witherspoon, Bernard Kates, Holly Fields, John Mooney, Anne Betancourt | Written by Charles Band, Jackson Barr | Directed by Peter Manoogian...

09th Apr2013

‘Spring Breakers’ Review

Stars: Vanessa Hudgens, Selena Gomez, Ashley Benson, James Franco, Rachel Korine, Gucci Mane, Heather Morris | Written and Directed by Harmony Korine Harmony Korine’s latest effort Spring...

09th Apr2013

‘Subspecies’ Blu-ray Review

SUBSPECIES Stars: Angus Scrimm, Anders Hove, Irina Movila, Laura Mae Tate, Michelle McBride, Ivan J. Rado | Written by Charles Band, Jackson Barr, David Pabian | Directed...

08th Apr2013

‘Pitch Perfect’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Rebel Wilson, Anna Camp, Alexis Knapp, Ben Platt, Skylar Astin, Ester Dean, Hana Mae Lee | Written by Kay Cannon | Directed by Jason Moore Sometimes you...

08th Apr2013

The Ten Best – MMA fighters turned actors

The blokes who flex their muscles in Ultimate Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts events are mostly a larger-than-life blend of showmanship and brawn – which explains...

08th Apr2013

‘The Best Of WCW Monday Night Nitro Vol.2′ Blu-ray Review

World Championship Wrestling was the number one competitor to the World Wrestling Federation during the late 1990′s to early 2000′s with their flagship television show, WCW Monday...

08th Apr2013

‘First Position’ Review

Stars: Gaya Bommer Yemini, Michaela Deprince, Jules Jarvis Fogarty | Directed by Bess Kargman Some may wonder why I would be interested in watching a documentary on...

07th Apr2013

‘Evil Dead’ Review

Stars: Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Jessica Lucas, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, Jim McLarty | Written by Fede Alvarez, Diablo Cody, Rodo Sayagues | Directed by Fede...

07th Apr2013

‘Grindhouse 5: Dr. Alien’ Review

Stars: Billy Jacoby, Judy Landers, Troy Donahue, Olivia Barash, Stuart Fratkin, Raymond O’Connor, Bobby Jacoby | Written by Kenneth J. Hall | Directed by David DeCoteau Yet...

07th Apr2013

‘Grindhouse 4: Creepozoids’ Review

Stars: Linnea Quigley, Ken Abraham, Michael Aranda, Richard L. Hawkins, Kim McKamy (aka Ashlyn Gere) | Written by David DeCoteau, Buford Hauser | Directed by David DeCoteau...

07th Apr2013

Panel Discussion with Jack Kirby – Issue #2

I made a double stop to Orbital this week, picking up a number of new titles, a couple of reprint of popular comics from the last few...

07th Apr2013

Book Review: ‘Gun Machine’

Written by Warren Ellis | Published by Mulholland Books NYPD detective John Tallow doesn’t care about his job all that much. He could be good at it if he...

07th Apr2013

Tales from the Crypt 2×04 – “Til Death” Review

Original airdate: April 24th, 1990 Voodoo and zombies. If ever there was a cocktail inherent to fit the mold of a Tales From the Crypt episode, that’d...

06th Apr2013

‘WWE: The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012′ Blu-ray Review

WWE: The Best of Raw & Smackdown 2012 is a look back of the best WWE matches that were (given the title) shown on the WWE universe’s...

06th Apr2013

Awesome custom LEGO Castle Grayskull… and He-Man!

Check out this awesome custom-built Castle Grayskull and He-Man mini-figure from Flickr user Fraslund. You can check out more photos of this and his other custom-builds on...

06th Apr2013

‘Bioshock Infinite’ Review (Xbox 360)

Let me start off by saying I’m not the greatest fan of the first two Bioshock games. Whilst I appreciate their playability and their stories I always...

06th Apr2013

‘Bernie’ Review

Stars: Jack Black, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey, Brady Coleman, Richard Robichaux, Rick Dial, Brandon Smith, Larry Jack Dotson | Written by Richard Linklater, Skip Hollandsworth | Directed...

06th Apr2013

‘Grindhouse 3: Slave Girls From Beyond Infinity’ Review

Stars: Elizabeth Kaitan, Cindy Beal, Don Scribner, Brinke Stevens, Carl Horner | Written and Directed by Ken Dixon The third release in 88 Films’ Grindhouse Collection, Slave...