15th Jun2014

‘Grindhouse Trailer Classics 4′ DVD Review

Don’t you just love Grindhouse trailers? After Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez made them popular again with the inclusion of some fake ones with their Grindhouse movie...

15th Jun2014

Review Round-Up: Last Vegas & The Pretty One

Welcome to the latest entry in our brand-new feature here on Nerdly – the Review Round-Up – where we take a look at some of the weeks...

15th Jun2014

‘Porkys’ Blu-ray Review (Arrow Video)

Stars: Dan Monahan, Mark Herrier, Wyatt Knight, Roger Wilson, Cyril O’Reilly, Tony Ganios, Kaki Hunter, Kim Cattrall, Nancy Parsons, Boyd Gaines, Doug McGrath, Chuck Mitchell, Alex Karras...

15th Jun2014

Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival Gala: When the Garden Was Eden

For two weeks every year, New York City finds itself more . . . culturally diverse. What, you ask? How can the already most culturally diverse place...

13th Jun2014

Competition: Win ‘Gagarin – First in Space’ on DVD

To celebrate the release of Gagarin: First In Space – the awe-inspiring true story about man’s first orbit into space coming to DVD 23rd June 2014 –...

13th Jun2014

Trailer Park: Batman Step(s) Up to The Anomaly with Paddington

Welcome to the latest installment of Trailer Park, our regular look at the latest trailers to hit the interwebs. This “volume” is features a bevy of the...

12th Jun2014

‘Behaving Badly’ DVD Review

Stars: Nat Wolff, Selena Gomez, Mary-Louise Parker, Heather Graham, Elisabeth Shue, Cary Elwes, Ashley Rickards, Patrick Warburton, Jason Lee, Mindy Robinson, Gary Busey, Dylan McDermott | Written...

12th Jun2014

First Look: All-New X-Men #29

This July, the Future Brotherhood’s plan comes to devastating fruition in All-New X-Men #29, from the superstar creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. After...

12th Jun2014

‘Thanks for Sharing’ Blu-ray Review (Scanbox Entertainment)

Stars: Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins, Josh Gad, Alecia ‘Pink’ Moore, Patrick Fugit | Written by Stuart Blumberg, Matt Winston | Directed by Stuart Blumberg Stuart Blumberg, writer...

12th Jun2014

‘Punishment Park’ Blu-ray Review (Masters of Cinema)

Stars: Patrick Boland, Kent Foreman, Carmen Argenziano, Luke Johnson, Katherine Quittner, Scott Turner, Stan Armsted, Mary Ellen Kleinhall | Written and Directed by Peter Watkins “Under the...

12th Jun2014

Poster Round-Up v2.0: The Marvel-ous Edition!

Welcome to the latest installment of the Nerdly poster round-up, where we bring you up to speed on some of the best movie posters to have hit...

12th Jun2014

‘Devil’s Due’ DVD Review

Stars: Zach Gilford, Allison Miller, Sam Anderson, Roger Payano, Vanessa Ray | Written by Lindsay Devlin | Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, Tyler Gillett If this was the first found-footage...

11th Jun2014

Deathlok returns to Marvel Comics this October!

The Demolisher returns this October for Deathlok #1, an all-new series from the critically acclaimed creative team of Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow, The Punisher) and Mike Perkins...

11th Jun2014

‘Shadow Walkers’ DVD Review

Stars: Rhys Wakefield, Logan Miller, Ashley Hinshaw, Natalie Hall, Rohan Kymal, Adam David Thompson, Ronald Ogden, Bernard D. Jones, April Billingsley, Peter Luis Zimmerman, Chelsea Hayes, Marla...

11th Jun2014

First look at poster for Emily Booth’s short film ‘Selkie’

Check out the first poster for the dark fairytale Selkie, Emily Booth’s stunning debut short film, in which the Horror Channel presenter takes on the producer, writer...

11th Jun2014

‘Ping Pong Summer’ Review

Stars: Marcello Conte, Judah Friedlander, Amy Sedaris, Lea Thompson, Susan Sarandon, John Hannah, Quinn McColgan, Emmi Shockley, Robert Longstreet, Maddie Howard, Joseph McCaughtry, Andy Riddle, Helena May...

11th Jun2014

‘Delivery Man’ Review

Stars: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Andrzej Blumenfeld, Simon Delaney, Bobby Moynihan, Dave Patten, Adam Chanler-Berat, Britt Robertson, Jack Reynor, Amos VanderPoel, Matthew Daddario | Written and...

10th Jun2014

‘WWE Wrestlemania XXX’ Blu-ray Review

Wrestlemania is the biggest wrestling event of the year, or that is what the WWE want you to believe at least. Wrestlemania XXX was billed as a...

10th Jun2014

WWE RAW: Results & Review (9/6/14)

It has been a strange time for WWE recently, with the excitement and positive reaction from WrestleMania faded due to poor booking decisions and injuries, the main...

10th Jun2014

‘Non Stop’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Michelle Dockery, Lupita Nyong’o, Scoot McNairy, Anson Mount, Corey Stoll, Linus Roache | Written by John W. Richardson, Chris Roach | Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra...

09th Jun2014

Competition: Win ‘Delivery Man’ DVD & Goodies!

Vince Vaughn stars in his most outrageously funny adventure yet, taking entertaining comedy to a whole new level. Packed full of meaty laughs, Delivery Man is the...

09th Jun2014

The Scream Cast – Episode 15: Halloween III

Welcome to the latest episode of The ScreamCast! Each episode sees hosts Sean Duregger and Brad Henderson review a Scream Factory release, have special guests, throw out future Scream Factory release...