19th Aug2013

‘The Last Days’ Review

Stars: Quim Guttierez, Jose Coronado, Marta Etura, Leticia Dolera, Isak Ferriz | Written and Directed by Alex & David Pastor The directing duo behind the underrated Carriers, Alex...

18th Aug2013

‘Sawney: Flesh of Man’ Review

Stars: Elizabeth Brown, Lisa Cameron, Lindsay Cromar, Shian Denovan, Samuel Feeney, David Hayman, William Houston, Jean-Paul Jesstiece | Written by Rick Wood | Directed by Ricky Wood...

18th Aug2013

‘The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill’ Review

Stars: Michael Bartlett, Kevin Gates, Craig Stovin, Criselda Cabitac, Mark Jeavons | Written by Kevin Gates | Directed by Michael Bartlett, Kevin Gates In March 1963, a...

18th Aug2013

‘Painless’ Review

Stars: Tomas Lemarquis, Alex Brendemuhl, Juan Diego, Ramon Fonsere, Derek De Lint | Written by Juan Carlos Medina, Luiso Berdejo | Directed by Juan Carlos Medina In...

17th Aug2013

‘Inseparable’ Review

Stars: Daniel Wu, Kevin Spacey, Beibi Gong, Ni Yan, Peter Stormare, Kenneth Tsang, Mo Zhang | Written and Directed by Dayyan Eng Originally filmed in 2011, Inseparable...

17th Aug2013

Remember Nintendo’s Power Glove? You will after this documentary!

Recently there’s been a huge upswell in documentaries that take a look at 1980s pop culture – be it VHS, toys, video games, anything! And now comes...

16th Aug2013

Exclusive clip from ‘Phantom’ starring Ed Harris & David Duchovny

The suspenseful submarine thriller Phantom, starring Academy Award-nominee Ed Harris and David Duchovny, is out on DVD and Blu-ray August 19th - and we’ve got an exclusive clip so...

15th Aug2013

‘Kick-Ass 2′ Review

Stars: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Morris Chestnut, John Leguizamo, Donald Faison, Jim Carrey | Written and Directed by Jeff Wadlow When we last saw Hit...

15th Aug2013

‘Rites of Spring’ Review

Stars: Anessa Ramsey, AJ Bowen, Katherine Randolph, Sonny Marinelli | Written and Directed by Padraig Reynolds In the spring of 1984 five teenagers went missing including Mississippi...

14th Aug2013

‘Odd Thomas’ Review

Stars: Anton Yelchin, Ashley Sommers, Leonor Varela, Matthew Page, Casey Messer, Nico Tortorella, Willem Dafoe, Addison Timlin | Written and Directed by Stephen Sommers Stephen Sommers, yes he...

14th Aug2013

‘For Elisa’ Review

Stars: Ana Turpin, Ona Casamiquela, Luisa Gavasa, Jesus Caba, Sheila Ponce | Written and Directed by Juanra Fernandez Desperate to earn some money student Ana answers a...

14th Aug2013

Panel Discussion number whatever – Jack Catches Up

Oh my gosh, there are so many comics. I took a month off visiting the comic shop on a weekly basis due to time constraints and the...

14th Aug2013

Arrow Review Round-Up: ‘Spider Baby’ & ‘Django Prepare A Coffin’

DJANGO PREPARE A COFFIN Stars: Terence Hill, Horst Frank, George Eastman | Written by Ferdinando Baldi, Franco Rossetti | Directed by Ferdinando Baldi When Tarantino wrote “the...

13th Aug2013

First image from Stallone & De Niro’s ‘Grudge Match’

Check out the first official image of Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro in director Peter Segal’s (50 First Dates, Get Smart) boxing comedy Grudge Match, which...

13th Aug2013

Fight Flick Fortnight: ‘Deadly Crossing’ Review

Stars: Steven Seagal, Gil Bellows, J. Anthony Pena, Kyle Cassie, Warren Christie, Michael Eklund, Meghan Ory, Peter Graham-Gaudreau, Sarah Lind, Emilie Ullerup | Written by Steven Seagal | Directed by Keoni Waxman...

13th Aug2013

Love Breaking Bad? Love LEGO? You’ll love this!

Although it’s not an official LEGO set (the company really isn’t a huge fan of drugs, sex and violence), check out this awesome Breaking Bad Superlab LEGO...

13th Aug2013

Trailer for new horror anthology ‘Sinister Visions’

Horror anthology Sinister Visions is released today in the US by Chemical Burn Entertainment and to accompany the release we have the brand-new trailer to share. The films...

13th Aug2013

Preview: Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman #4

Poachers, predators and alien princesses hunt Bigfoot to the edge of extinction in the quest to discover the Earthman’s true purpose on the alien planet in Bigfoot...

13th Aug2013

’2 Guns’ Review

Stars: Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg, Paula Patton, Bill Paxton, Fred Ward, James Marsden, Edward James Olmos | Written by Blake Masters, Steven Grant | Directed by Baltasar Kormákur Denzel...

12th Aug2013

Preview: Numbercruncher #2

Issue #2 of critical smash Numbercruncher by Si Spurrier, PJ Holden & Jordie Bellaire hits comic stores next Wednesday 21st August and we’ve got a preview for you! If...

12th Aug2013

Countdown to Thought Bubble Comic-Con 2013

The countdown to this year’s Thought Bubble Festival in Leeds has begun! From 17th – 24th November, in association with Leeds International Film Festival and Allied London, the...

12th Aug2013

‘Sharknado’ gets a sequel… which gets a title!

For those that haven’t seen it yet, Sharknado see regulars of a beachside bar including owner Fin (Ian Ziering), bartender Nova (Cassie Scerbo) and local drunk George...