17th Oct2017

‘Star Trek: Discovery 1×05 – Choose Your Pain’ Review

Star Trek: Discovery is a show that may be connected to a long legacy, but it also has to pave way for its own future. With Choose...

17th Oct2017

Culture Dump #13: Is humour the Superhero genres saving grace?

With Thor: Ragnarok, Marvel has once again flipped the tempo of their long-running superhero saga by recruiting someone not known for world-saving action epics. It’s yet-another smart...

17th Oct2017

Pop Addled: Movie Special – Blade Runner 2049

Another week, another episode of the Pop Addled podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly! Pop Addled is a pop culture podcast with nerd...

16th Oct2017

‘Assassin’s Creed: Uprising #8′ Review

Written by Alex Paknadel, Dan Watters | Art by Jose Holder | Published by Titan Comics With all the great stuff out there on the shelves at...

16th Oct2017

‘Catch the Moon’ Board Game Review

Essentially a skill game of stacking ladders – think Kerplunk or Jenga in reverse, adding pieces rather than taking them away – Catch the Moon sees players...

16th Oct2017

‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams 1×05: Real Life’ Review

When will Virtual Reality go too far, becoming a little too comfortable for us to want to leave it? That is the question raised in Real Life,...

16th Oct2017

‘Black Panther’ – New Trailer and Poster

Black Panther - directed by Ryan Coogler (Creed, Fruitvale Station) – follows T’Challa who, after the events of Captain America: Civil War, returns home to the isolated,...

16th Oct2017

Competition: Win horror ‘Nails’ on DVD

To celebrate the release of Nails, out now on Digital Download and available on DVD 16th October, we have a DVD available to giveaway courtesy of Kaleidoscope...

16th Oct2017

‘Ninja Shodown’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

Not to be confused with the legendarily terrible Flash game Ninja Showdown, Ninja Shodown is an appealing, super-fast-paced hack ‘n’ slash party game from UK-based developer Bitmap...

16th Oct2017

Trailer, poster & images will make sure you ‘Keep Watching’

Sean Carter, editor of the excellent, if underrated thriller, The Killing Room, makes his directorial feature debut with Keep Watching, which is unleashed in cinemas this Halloween....

16th Oct2017

First Look: ‘Spider-Man/Deadpool #23′

The tables have turned. No longer an Avenger, Deadpool is living a life of crime. There’s only one super hero who can guide him to the right...

16th Oct2017

LFF 2017: ‘Brawl in Cell Block 99′ Review

Review by Matthew Turner Stars: Vince Vaughn, Jennifer Carpenter, Don Johnson, Marc Blucas, Tom Guiry, Udo Kier, Rob Morgan, Geno Segers, Fred Melamed | Written and Directed...

16th Oct2017

‘Hellraiser’ back in cinemas and on Blu-ray

Starring Andrew Robinson (Dirty Harry, Charley Varrick), Clare Higgins (Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Silent Witness), Ashley Laurence (Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, Lurking Fear), Sean Chapman (Made in Britain, Scum)...

16th Oct2017

Jen Walters returns to her Legacy in ‘She-Hulk #159′

The once-green (now gray) goliath otherwise known as Jen Walters is reclaiming her name in Marvel Legacy – starting in She-Hulk #159; and series writer Mariko Tamaki...

16th Oct2017

Interview: Mike Todd talks ‘Shankly: Nature’s Fire’

In his latest podcast/interview, host Stuart Wright talks to writer/director Mike Todd about his new documentary Shankly: Nature’s Fire; which has its World Premiere Sunday 29 October...

13th Oct2017

‘Wonder Woman’ Blu-ray Review

Stars: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, David Thewlis, Saïd Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremner, Eugene Brave Rock, Lucy Davis, Elena Anaya, Ann Wolfe, Lisa...

13th Oct2017

First, horrific, trailer for X-Men spin-off ‘The New Mutants’

20th Century Fox have released the first trailer for director Josh Boone’s X-Men spinoff movie The New Mutants, which is a more “horrific” take on the now-familiar...

13th Oct2017

Nine Inch Nails + Friday the 13th + Halloween = Mind Blown!

Article by Kim Sønderholm Imagine if Halloween fell on Friday the 13th and Nine Inch Nails decided to celebrate that by being in your ears all day?...

13th Oct2017

‘Tumblestone’ Review (Nintendo Switch)

Originally released on consoles and PC in 2016, Tumblestone is an ostensibly simple match-3 puzzle game, which becomes devilishly challenging very quickly. Each level is made up...

13th Oct2017

First trailer for Rooster Teeth’s ‘Lazer Team 2′

Check out this teaser trailer for for Roster Teeth’s Lazer Team 2. A sequel to 2015 sci-fi action comedy sequel film the film stars Colton Dunn, Burnie...

13th Oct2017

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ gets another TV spot

Marvel have released a new TV spot for the forthcoming Thor: Ragnarok – which is due out in the UK on 24th October and in the US...

13th Oct2017

Panel Discussion #44 – Back to [Number] One

Welcome back to another installment of Panel Discussion – which is back from the dead, again, this time as a round-up of the comic books that have...