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Odds are if you’re surfing  this site you have a little geek in you. Odds are if you have a little geek in you, you’ve heard of Milynn Sarley. Hailed by some as the ‘the coolest lady ever’, Milynn has starred in numerous ‘Team Unicorn’ videos which have gone viral, Hosted G4TV’s Attack of the Show! and she’s probably the only person who keeps Chuck Norris from sleeping soundly at night. I got to sit down with Miss Sarley and discuss Anime, guns and world domination.

Aaron M.K.: On your twitter account you say that you’re girl geek and technically you don’t exist, what started you down the path of geekdom?

Milynn Sarley: It was never “Hey I’m gonna set out on a path to become a geek!”  My dad was a teenager when I was born and my Aunts, my dad’s younger sisters, were still in High school when I was a kid. When they would babysit they would let me play video games.. Then on my seventh birthday my dad bought me “The Hobbit”. I loved it so much that [my dad] ended up getting me the rest of the “Lord of the Rings” series, so it all just progressed from that.

Aaron M.K.: My boss would love you! *Laugh*

Milynn Sarley: *Laugh*

Aaron M.K.: A quick look at your website reveals that you have a crazy amount of skills ranging from the martial arts to snowboarding. You have any other skills that could further cement your status as the ultimate geek badass?

Milynn Sarley: It’s funny because I don’t keep track, but I have a very random assortment of skills. Such as MTG (Magic the Gathering), Lightsaber tricks, chess, logic puzzles, arc welding etc. In addition from the moment I picked up a gun I was a dead shot; I don’t know if that has anything to do with being a geek but…*laugh*

Aaron M.K.: I don’t know, but it has a lot to do with being a Texan so I’m with you so far. *laugh*

Milynn Sarley: Nice, there you go!

Aaron M.K.: Would you prefer to leave the rest of your skills up to the reader’s imagination?

Milynn Sarley: Indeed.

Aaron M.K.: *laugh* Recently you and your troupe “Team Unicorn” shot a FEARnet exclusive video where you played the demo of ‘F.3.A.R.’ and got to run around with the boys over at ‘TAC City’ Airsoft, What was that like?

Milynn Sarley: That was amazing! [A lot of] the guys over at TAC city are former Military and the Airsoft guns are weighted similar to real guns. They have everything to could imagine! Fully automatic guns and smaller hand guns and it was literally like “We’re gonna fill this up and you can shoot at whatever you want! On the [F.3.A.R.] demo we were playing [in turns], so someone would die and would pass off the controller… It was terrifying. I can’t take the pressure!”

Aaron M.K.: *laugh* You mentioned being a deadshot, could you tell us a little about that?

Milynn Sarley: Yes I’m a deadshot with a real gun. The first time I picked one up was when I was living Las Vegas. All you had to do was give them a drivers license and they were like “Here’s a gun! Make sure it stays pointed down towards the end of the range”. I was literally like “That’s it!?” and they showed me “You load the bullets this way- make sure the safety is off [when you shoot]“. I could not believe it, I picked it up and fired a little tentatively then after the first few shots I got comfortable and… and I’m a deadshot, just naturally. I have no problem hitting targets at a respectable distance.

Aaron M.K.: This next question is a bit of a B3K tradition, at least for me! Off the top of your head, name your favorite book series, favorite Video game and favorite Anime series.

Milynn Sarley: My favorite book series is probably “Wheel of Time”, I think Brandon Sanderson has done a really great job taking that over. I’m not going to lie “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a close second. [Picking a] favorite video game is so tough, I love a lot of games for different reasons but… I don’t know what it is about “Legend of Dragoon” but I have such a nostalgia for it, I really love the story of the game so it’s definitely one of those games that has a special place in my heart. [As for my] favorite anime, that’s another tough question because I think about old-school ‘Ronin Warriors’ and then when I was growing up as a kid and ‘Sailor Moon’ was just starting to be imported to the U.S.. I would make sure to wake up an hour before school just so I could watch Sailor Moon. You also have to look at the movies; you cannot discount ‘Vampire Hunter D’ because it’s like the grandfather of anime. It’s really a tough choice, I don’t know if I have a favorite but those are definitely some of my tops.

Aaron M.K.: Last but not least, you state (Quite boldly I might add) that you plan on conquering the world. How is that going for you?

Milynn Sarley: Excellent! *laugh* It’s been crazy, like with my group Team Unicorn and everything, When we set out it was just four geek girls having fun and being silly. Now Team Unicorn has turned into a full fledged brand, and production company. This year we have a booth at ‘Comic Con 2011′ where we will be launching our merchandise. We’ve been been really fortunate to work with so many talented people like Zeb Wells who is an Emmy award winning writer for [the series] ‘Robot Chicken’, Sean Becker who directed ‘The Guild’, Adam Levermore who was the artist for the ‘Battlestar Galactica” propaganda posters and Alex Pardee who did the artwork for ‘Sucker Punch’.

Aaron M.K.: That sounds like way too much work! *laugh*

Milynn Sarley: It is INTENSE!

Aaron M.K.: So when it’s all said and done, will you be a benevolent dictator or are you going to be a draconian overlord of the likes unseen by man?

Milynn Sarley: Of course I will be a benevolent dictator, you know, as long as the weekly sacrifices are met- *laugh*

Aaron M.K.: Right, of course. *laugh*

Milynn Sarley: That’s the one thing I really love and think is getting lost sometimes with a lot of these debates within the geek community. I feel like I’ve seen it, seen it on a commercial level, I’ve seen it on a personal level; everyone is afraid of being pandered too or false people going by them but I think there has been this backlash of “measuring your level of geek” and I don’t think that’s fair. I think the reason that everyone is so drawn to this world is because regardless of whether they’re a science geek, or a video game geek or they’re into comic books- There is a place for everyone. So I think I would need to be a benevolent ruler.

Aaron M.K.: I’ve probably picked up a title or two over the years. Well, when you finally take power keep me in mind for a seat on the council! *laugh*

Milynn Sarley: I definitely will!

Aaron M.K.: Well, it’s been fun chatting with you! Thanks for your time!

Milynn Sarley: You’re welcome!

After talking with Milynn, I had learned many things; A person cannot be measured by their level of geek, gun ranges in Las Vegas are very trusting and most distressing of all… She’s a MAC user. Despite that, I think we PC fans can overlook this and accept her with open arms as our new geek overlord.

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