Gemma Bissix

Actress Gemma Bissix is probably best known for her role in UK soaps Eastenders and Hollyoaks. However now she is turning her talent to voiceovers with The Lovers’ Guide 3D which she narrates with another former Hollyoaksstar Jeremy Edwards.

Gemma kindly took some time out of her schedule to talk to us about her experience making The Lovers’ Guide 3D, and how she thinks it will go down *cough* with UK audiences.

What was your first reaction when you were asked to do the voice over for The Lovers’ Guide 3D?

First of all I thought it was quite funny, and then I thought to myself “Well I haven’t done any voice overs before”and that’s something I really wanted to get into, so I thought it would a great experience, and it was.

Did you learn anything from the film?

I’ve been asked this [a lot] and to be honest, no I didn’t, I’m not being funny but I am 28.

How do you think the movie will be perceived by the public?

I don’t know, I think realistically its actually quite good. I do honestly think it’s quite good because it doesn’t shy away from anything… There was a time when you didn’t see anyone having sex, you didn’t see anything, it was a taboo subject. I had sex education and it’s really different.

Maybe it will help teenagers from getting pregnant early or getting themselves into trouble. I do think it’ll be quite embarrassing for some people even watching it with a partner. I wouldn’t mind, but there’s certain people who probably get a bit embarrassed about these [things].

Was there any part you had to do over and over again?

No there wasn’t. It was quite funny, you had to take your self seriously and have to say it with quite a straight face, and Jeremy when he was sitting next to me, he was very animated with what he does (don’t take in the wrong way) with his hands and stuff when he talks he animates it with his hands it so funny and so exciting and I’m like “what’s happening” and it is so funny.

Would you ever put any of the topics into practice?

Hmm… Would I put anything into practice, well hmm, I don’t really [want] say anything about myself. I didn’t learn anything new lets put it that way.

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