Eddie McClintock

When we first set out to interview Mr. McClintock, the plan was to ask a bevvy of hard hitting questions to get no-nonsense, info packed answers regarding the Warehouse 13 season finale, plans for the future series and other equally informative topics…. Fortunately for us, something infinitely more entertaining happened! While we did get the information we sought, we had some laughs along the way. Here it is – the infamous “Eddie McClintock Interview”.

Aaron M.K.: Hello!

Eddie McClintock: Blogomatic3000! *Dramatic introduction*

Aaron M.K.: Wow. That surpasses Robin Dunne’s epic pronunciation of the blog, so kudos to you!

Eddie McClintock: Wow, I beat the Dunne?!

Aaron M.K.: Yes, by a wide margin I must say.

Eddie McClintock: That’s pretty good! Maybe I could record that for you and when anybody comes to the site it goes, “Blogomatic3000!” *Dramatic introduction*

Aaron M.K.: That would be great! Maybe we could work something out, you know, your people call my people.

Eddie McClintock: That’s right, we’ll do lunch!

Aaron M.K.: Yeah, we’ll do lunch and work out a royalty system

Eddie McClintock: {Laughs) How are you man?

Aaron M.K.: I’m doing good. We’ve actually talked a little bit before and you threatened me with wild ocelots, so I’m hoping this one goes a little bit better.

Eddie McClintock: With wild ocelots, well I must have been drinking.

Aaron M.K.: I’m not sure what happened there, maybe it was just one of those days.

Eddie McClintock: What is an ocelot exactly? I’m not sure.

Aaron M.K.: I believe it’s a small wildcat. I was a little too afraid at that moment to look it up.

Eddie McClintock: Oh it is; it is a wildcat! I think it’s got the long hairs that grow out of the top of their ears too. *laugh*

Aaron M.K.: (Laughs) So, Warehouse 13 is closing its third season, how is the finale going to shock us? In seasons past, there have been some pretty shocking things that have happened that have upset some fans-

Eddie McClintock: Right.

Aaron M.K.: So how will this one top last season?

Eddie McClintock: Well as I said [earlier], because I love the writers but I just didn’t get the whole, ‘Myka leaving’ thing in regards to using it as a cliffhanger.
I understand it as a plot, as a storyline for the plot, sure. But to leave that as like the cliffhanger, especially when the fans have to wait a year to see what happened, it’s just rough man. It is Hollywood so people were like, “Maybe she didn’t renew her contract or whatever,” it’s just like people won’t be wondering that in regards to this ending this year, it’s a straight up dramatic cliffhanger. I don’t think it’ll leave people going, “Hey, I’m not going to watch anymore,” it’s going to make people go, “I can’t wait till next year to see the what happens.”

Aaron M.K.: That should be great! I recently got a chance to talk to Kate Mulgrew, who’s been a pretty big guest star on Warehouse 13 this season. And she said that, this is a quote, “You were all quite naughty on the set.” Are there any stories you can tell that maybe have passed the statute of limitations or should they stay under the rug, so to speak?

Eddie McClintock: It’s just my basic attitude. My comedy can go a little blue sometimes. And, I mean, we’re all adults on the set. I can’t really think of anything too specific other than we just have fun and it’s a lot of adult conversation and innuendo and double entendre, and I love a good dick joke and a good fart joke. That never gets old for me. That mixed with the highbrow comedy of Saul Rubinek, it’s a pretty wild time, I must say.

Aaron M.K.: Sort of sounds like what goes on in our writer’s room (Laughs)

Eddie McClintock: I would say, “Yes.” I would say, “It’s like – much like a writer’s room.” (Laughs)

Aaron M.K.: So Warehouse 13 has been renewed for a fourth season. Is there anything special you’d like to see happen next season — whether it be guest stars or an event, or anything involving the storyline?

Eddie McClintock: Well I’d like to see the Warehouse crew have to travel to Hawaii to do a 2-hour episode where, while Pete is surfing, he gets hit by the surfboard in the head, and then a tarantula almost bites him, and then they find a Tiki in the sand, and then meet Vincent Price in a cave (laughs)

Aaron M.K.: (Laughs) So, basically, you want a Warehouse ‘Scooby Doo’ episode?

Eddie McClintock: Yes, it’s actually a Warehouse – oh my God, Brady Bunch, Warehouse Brady Bunch. Remember? Do you remember that one time, when they went to Hawaii? It was like, what’s her name, Cindy was like 15 and they still had her in pigtails and it was kind of embarrassing. The show was jumping the shark a little bit!

Aaron M.K.: Yes! I don’t think they jumped the shark – I think they flew over it in a jet aircraft.

Eddie McClintock: (Laughs) Any excuse for me to go to Hawaii!

Aaron M.K.: That’s always a good day, right? All right, well thank you for your time Eddie. I hope you have a good day and I’m sorry we didn’t have time to talk about the house renovations you mentioned earlier, I’m sure our fans would have love to have heard about that.

Eddie McClintock: Yeah I know…. Next time we speak we’ll do ocelots and renovations. How’s that?

Aaron M.K.: Sounds good Eddie, see you then!

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