22nd Jul2014

First Look: Original Sin #7

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at Original Sin #7 – the penultimate chapter from New York Times Bestselling writer Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder) and critically acclaimed artist Mike Deodato (New Avengers). The shocking final page of last issue kept fans on the edge of their seats, and now as Original Sin races towards its […]

21st Jul2014

First Look: Inhuman #3

by Phil Wheat

This July, the Inhuman Queen fights for the future of her people in Inhuman #3 – the next blockbuster chapter in the expanding saga of Marvel’s strangest superpowered beings from rising star writer Charles Soule and blockbuster artist Joe Madureira. The first arc of the pulse-pounding new series reaches its climax as Medusa and Lash […]

16th Jul2014

First Look: Bucky Barnes – The Winter Soldier #1

by Phil Wheat

This October, go intergalactic as the super-soldier spy takes on a new mission in Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1 the all-new ongoing series exploding into comic shops this October from rising comic stars Ales Kot and Marco Rudy! Following the shocking finale of Original Sin, what new mission has the Winter Soldier more driven than […]

01st Jul2014

First Look: Daredevil #6

by Phil Wheat

This July, the truth about Matt Murdock’s parents comes to light in Daredevil #6 – an Original Sin Tie-In. After nearly 30 years, the untold story of Matt Murdock’s mother will finally be revealed, courtesy of Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid and critically acclaimed artist Javier Rodriguez. Raised in a broken home, Matt Murdock made […]

28th Jun2014

First Look: Storm #1

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at Storm #1 – the highly anticipated new series from New York Times bestselling author Greg Pak and artist Victor Ibanez – a new beginning for the heart and soul of the X-Men as she flies solo for the first time in her very first ongoing series. From street urchin in […]

24th Jun2014

Marvel unveil creepy cover for ‘Death of Wolverine #4′

by Phil Wheat

Marvel have officially unveiled the final three main covers to the mini series Death of Wolverine, including this awesome, if a little creepy cover for Death of Wolverine #4, which sees artist Steve McNiven team with inker Jay Leisten and colorist Justin Ponsor for an epic cover depicting the last days and the final end […]

23rd Jun2014

First Look: Original Sin #6

by Phil Wheat

This July, the lingering question will be answered in Original Sin #6 – who shot the Watcher? From the very beginning, fans have waited, wondered and speculated who was responsible for Uatu’s untimely death. Now, Jason Aaron and Mike Deodato peel back the curtain on the person pulling the strings as Original Sin races toward […]

20th Jun2014

Preview: 13 Coins (Titan Comics)

by Phil Wheat

From Eisner award winning artist, Simon Bisley, and the screenwriters of Hitman: Absolution (Martin Brennan & Michael B Jackson), comes the story of a new superhero… The story of John Pozner, a tormented ex-con on a quest for vengeance, when he discovers that he is descended from angels, and is the living key to Earth’s […]

19th Jun2014

First Look: Silver Surfer #4

by Phil Wheat

This July, the smash hit All-New Marvel NOW! series continues in Silver Surfer #4 – from the chart-topping creative team of Dan Slott and Mike Allred. They’ve journeyed the cosmos together, but now it is time to return Dawn Greenwood home. Only to do so, the Silver Surfer must travel to the one place in […]

16th Jun2014

First Look: Deadpool – Dracula’s Gauntlet #1

by Phil Wheat

You saw Deadpool’s marriage to the succubus queen Shiklah. Now experience their first meeting and romance this July as the hit Infinite Comic makes the leap to print in Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet #1 – coming to you from critically acclaimed Deadpool writers Gerry Duggan & Brian Posehn and fan-favorite artist Reilly Brown. When Deadpool is […]

16th Jun2014

First Look: Spider-Man 2099 #1

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at Spider-Man 2099 #1, the all-new ongoing series from legendary writer and Spider-Man 2099 co-creator Peter David (All-New X-Factor, The Incredible Hulk) and breakout artist Will Sliney (Fearless Defenders, Superior Spider-Man Team-Up). Spinning directly out of the pages of Amazing Spider-Man, Miguel O’Hara swings again as Spider-Man 2099 – only he’s […]

12th Jun2014

First Look: All-New X-Men #29

by Phil Wheat

This July, the Future Brotherhood’s plan comes to devastating fruition in All-New X-Men #29, from the superstar creative team of Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen. After infiltrating the New Charles Xavier School, the Future Brotherhood – led by the son of Charles Xavier and Mystique have crushed the students and X-Men alike. As they […]

11th Jun2014

Deathlok returns to Marvel Comics this October!

by Phil Wheat

The Demolisher returns this October for Deathlok #1, an all-new series from the critically acclaimed creative team of Nathan Edmondson (Black Widow, The Punisher) and Mike Perkins (Captain America, Stephen King’s The Stand). Henry Hayes is a veteran, a single parent, a man who thought he’d left his war behind. But unbeknownst to him, he’s […]

06th Jun2014

First Look: The Legendary Star-Lord #1

by Phil Wheat

This July, Peter Quill flies solo for the very first time in The Legendary Star-Lord #1 – the bombastic new series from fan-favorite writer Sam Humphries and rising star artist Paco Medina. Spinning directly out of the pages of Guardians of the Galaxy and just in time for the highly anticipated summer blockbuster – the […]

05th Jun2014

First Look: 100th Anniversary Special – Fantastic Four #1

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at the 100th Anniversary Special – Fantastic Four #1, from fan favorite creators Jen Van Meter and Joanna Estep. This July, do the time warp and fast forward to the year 2061 as Marvel celebrates the upcoming 100th Anniversary of some of its greatest characters in this new head-spinning limited series! […]

03rd Jun2014

First Look: Deadpool vs. X-Force #1

by Phil Wheat

This July, big guns, big pouches, and big action all return as your favorite mercenary goes toe-to-toe with that band of militant mutants in Deadpool vs. X-Force #1 – the first issue in a bombastic new limited series from writer Duane Swierczynski and artist Pepe Larraz. Journey back to the long-forgotten days of the 1990s, […]

31st May2014

First Look: Hulk vs. Iron Man #1

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your very first look at Hulk vs. Iron Man #1, the first issue in a 4-part crossover that pits the Green Goliath against the Armored Avenger with personal stakes and gut-wrenching revelations. This June, Original Sin continues to send shockwaves through the Marvel Universe as two of Earth’s Mightiest clash in a battle for […]

29th May2014

First look at Alan Davis’ Savage Hulk #1

by Phil Wheat

The Jade Giant was just too big to contain with one series – and this June, he’s smashing his way into another! Here’s your first look at Savage Hulk #1, the new in-continuity ongoing series featuring the Green Goliath from legendary storyteller Alan Davis who kicks off the new series with an explosive arc full […]

28th May2014

First Look: New Avengers Annual #1

by Phil Wheat

This June, the Sorcerer Supreme faces his greatest challenge yet in New Avengers Annual #1, from rising-star writer Frank J. Barbiere (Five Ghosts, The White Suits) and acclaimed artist Marco Rudy (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man, Swamp Thing). Spinning directly out of the pages of New Avengers comes an all-new tale of the Sorcerer Supreme full of […]

26th May2014

Uproar Comics announce Steampulp fantasy ‘Conundrum’

by Phil Wheat

Derry-Londonderry based media studio Uproar Comics, the company that brought you the award winning Zombies Hi and sci-fi comic Leap, have announced they are working on a new project, Conundrum, a steampulp fantasy filled with mystery and suspense that will make you question: “Who is God”? Wonders and Curiosities are the height of entertainment and […]

24th May2014

First Look: Nova #18

by Phil Wheat

This June, Original Sin rocks the life of Sam Alexander as the young hero faces a mystery in Nova #18 – from the fan-favorite creative team of Gerry Duggan and David Baldeon. The death of the Watcher has left a hole in young Nova’s life, but even as he grieves for the loss of his […]

22nd May2014

First Look: Original Sin #4

by Phil Wheat

Here’s your first look at Original Sin #4, from New York Times Bestselling writer Jason Aaron and critically acclaimed artist Mike Deodato. And after the nail-biting climax of last issue, no fan can afford to miss the event critics are hailing as “a riveting thriller” and “one hell of a story!” The Watcher is dead, […]

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