16th Nov2012

Book Review: The Great Showdowns

by Phil Wheat

Written/drawn by Scott C. | Published by Titan Books | Format: Hardback, 144pp “Han vs the green fellow. Chief Brody vs the very large shark. John McClane vs broken glass, and many, many more… Scott Campbell’s acclaimed Great Showdowns series, showing strangely good- natured confrontations between his favorite movie characters, finally gets the book collection […]

28th Oct2012

Book Review: Silhouettes From Popular Culture

by Paul Metcalf

Written by Olly Moss | Published by Titan Books | Format: Hardback, 144pp Art, especially “pop art” is quite subjective at times.  When the popular culture is one that is actually popular to you then it’s bound to catch your interest and even make you an instant fan of the artist.  Silhouettes From Popular Culture by Olly Moss is a […]

23rd Mar2012

Book Review: Tales from Development Hell

by Paul Metcalf

As film fans we look at the finished result and it’s sad to say that often we see a mess. The big event we were looking forward to just does not meet our expectations and we blame the director or the actors because they did not do a good enough job in our eyes. We […]

05th Feb2012

Book Review: The Marx Brothers Encyclopedia

by Paul Metcalf

Written by Glenn Mitchell | Published by Titan Books To some movies are very of the “now,” whether it’s the latest summer hit or the latest super hero movie that’s coming out soon, or the latest so-called horror movie that we complain is not bloody enough because it’s had its rating reduced to make more […]

06th Jan2012

Book Review: Sherlock Holmes on Screen

by Paul Metcalf

Written by Alan Barnes | Published by Titan Books When starting to write this review I thought I’d check something, just who is the most filmed character? And yes, as you are reading a review of a book calledSherlock Homes on Screen it would be in fact this character. All over the world, in TV series, […]

01st Jan2012

Book Review: Uncharted – The Fourth Labyrinth

by Paul Metcalf

Uncharted: The Fourth Labyrinth is a new book based on characters from the Uncharted games by Naughty Dog. Having played the games I was immediately familiar with the characters and jumped straight into the action as Drake is pulled into yet another adventure full of adventure and intrigue. When Drake is called by his long-time friend […]

29th Oct2011

Book Review: ‘Hellbent’ – by Cherie Priest

by Paul Metcalf

When we left Cherie Priest’s Bloodshot there were a few questions to be answered. Of course mentioning them would be potential spoilers but it’s fair to say that I was hopeful that Hellbent the next book in the Raylene Pendle story would answer a few. I’d say it answered at least one but offered even more to what was […]

22nd Aug2011

Book Review: ‘Undead’ – by John Russo

by Paul Metcalf

Undead by John Russo is a book of two halves. The first half is the novelisation of Night of the Living Dead and the second part is the novelisation of the first concept for Return of the Living Dead. This is interesting to read as it’s totally different than the movie it became. This version of Return was more […]

22nd Aug2011

Book Review: ‘Bloodshot’ – by Cherie Priest

by Paul Metcalf

Vampires; since when did they become so passé in the horror world? It’s a shame really and it’s easy to blame Twilight for the watering down of one of the darker creatures of the imaginary worlds of fiction. Sometimes though we can escape the almost incessant deluge of emo vampires and we find one that […]

19th Jun2011

Book Review: Crazy 4 Cult – Cult Movie Art

by Phil Wheat

GALLERY 1988′s CRAZY 4 CULT: CULT MOVIE ART Introduction by Kevin Smith | Published by Titan Books | Format: Hardback 176pp Your favourite cult movies, as you’ve never seen them before! The annual Crazy 4 Cult art show in Los Angeles has quickly become a phenomenon, with thousands of visitors, a million hits on its […]

27th May2011

Book Review: The Lost Fleet – Victorious

by Jack Kirby

Written by Jack Campbell | Published by Titan Books Campbell ends his six-book series in fine form – Captain John Geary is one battle away from bringing the fleet home. All that stands in the way is a final Syndic ‘reserve’ flotilla. Given that this only takes up a very small section at the beginning […]

26th May2011

Book Review: The Lost Fleet – Relentless

by Jack Kirby

Written by Jack Campbell | Published by Titan Books Jack Campbell’s military science fiction series reaches its penultimate instalment in Relentless. The book opens with an account of Captain John Geary’s courageous and legend-making battle that started the galactic war the books describe over one hundred years ago, that has been referred to frequently throughout […]

29th Apr2011

Book Review: The Lost Fleet – Valiant

by Jack Kirby

John G Hemry, also known as Jack Campbell, continues his interstellar saga in this fourth instalment of The Lost Fleet series. Having reviewed the first of the books earlier in the year and having interviewed the author, I was more than happy to catch up with ‘Black Jack’ Geary and his fleet as it attempts […]

27th Mar2011

Book Review: Star Wars The Old Republic – Deceived

by Baron Fortnightly

Written by Paul S Kemp | Published by Titan Books | Format: Hardback, 304 pages “Malgus brought down the Jedi Temple on Coruscant in a brutal assault that shocked the galaxy. But if war crowned him the darkest of Sith heroes, peace would transform him into something far more heinous—something Malgus would never want to […]

20th Mar2011

Book Review: Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog – The Book

by Phil Wheat

By Joss Whedon, with Maurissa Tancharoen, Jed Whedon, Zack Whedon | Published by Titan Books | Format: Paperback, 160 pages I remember being first exposed to Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog by my best friend, who one weekend proclaimed “It’s amazing! You really need to see it.” Then came the all forum posts, “It’s amazing! […]

20th Mar2011

Book Review: Deus Ex – Icarus Effect

by Baron Fortnightly

Written by James Swallow | Published by Titan Books | Format: Paperback, 354 pages “In the near future, with physical augmentation gaining ground and nano-cybernetics only years away, the dawn of limitless human evolution is just beyond the horizon, and a secret corporate cabal of ruthless men intends to make sure that humankind stays under […]

13th Mar2011

Book Review: Runescape – Return to Canifis

by Phil Wheat

Written by T.S. Church | Published by Titan Books Runescape, the long-running free massive multiplayer online RPG, has recently broke free of the shackles of PC screens everywhere with a series of novels from author T.S. Church (the first of which we reviewed here) aimed squarely at the games many millions of players, and as […]

18th Feb2011

Book Review: The Lost Fleet – Dauntless

by Jack Kirby

Written by Jack Campbell | Distributed by Titan Books The first novel in Jack Campbell’s Lost Fleet series begins strongly where other novels might end – in the aftermath of an enormous battle. The reader is thrown into the deep end and expected to catch up fairly quickly. We soon learn that Jack Geary, the […]

15th Dec2010

Book Review: Runescape – Betrayal at Falador

by Jack Kirby

Written by T.S. Church | Published by Titan Books For the uninitiated, RuneScape is an online, multiplayer, fantasy game, set in a world of swordplay and sorcery. Players are free to explore the world of the game at will and interact with other players. Given that the game has ten million active users, this may […]

27th Nov2010

Book Review: James Cameron’s Avatar Collectors Vault 3D

by Baron Fortnightly

Published by Titan Books & Whitman Publishing | RRP £34.99 As you make your way through James Cameron’s Avatar Collectors Vault 3D, you will journey through stunning terrain that few human eyes have seen the world of the Navi, the 10-foot-tall blue-skinned humanoids who inhabit Pandora. They have a mystical connection to Pandoras natural world, […]

26th Oct2010

Book Review: The Essential Superman Encyclopedia

by Baron Fortnightly

Written by Robert Greenberger and Martin Pasko | Published by Titan Books I found this book very hard to review, the story starts with a character called Abdul and his friends Abdullah and Abernathy, K. Russel then seems to jump from person to thing and back to person in a strange alphabetical fashion eventually ending […]

18th Oct2010

Book Review: ICONS – The DC and Wildstorm art of Jim Lee

by Baron Fortnightly

Art by Jim Lee | Text by William Baker I’ve been waiting to have a look at this book since it was solicited in Previews earlier this year, and luckily Titan were kind enough to send us a preview copy. In case you haven’t read mainstream comics in the last 20 years, Jim Lee is […]

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