02nd May2013

UK Exclusive: Interview with ‘The Iceman’ star Jay Giannone

by Phil Wheat

Who wouldn’t want to work with 2 Oscar Noms, an Avenger and the Great and Powerful Oz? Jay Giannone got his shot and co-stars as a mob hit man in the new film The Iceman which stars Michael Shannon, Chris Evans, Wynona Ryder, James Franco and Ray Liotta. No stranger to blockbuster Hollywood films, Giannone […]

25th Mar2013

First Time Fest: Producers Panel Report

by Catherina Gioino

At the First Time Fest, accomplished filmmakers came to teach and advocate new filmmakers how to get their film made and how to make their film popular. As part of the How They Did It Panel Series, the “We Need A Bigger Boat-Producing Independent Cinema” panel had producers speak about the struggles they had not […]

20th Mar2013

Exclusive: ‘The Man With the Iron Fists’ RZA Interview

by Phil Wheat

How did you find the experience of directing your first film? I love cameras. I love operating them actually. It’s fun. I think all good directors should take some time to understand camera movement. I’m still a student and I’m going to keep practicing until I become a master. I’m a director that got behind […]

19th Mar2013

First Time Fest: ‘Jack Goes Boating’ Interview with Philip Seymour Hoffman & Amy Ryan

by Catherina Gioino

At the First Time Fest, there was a “First Exposure” series in which well known and accomplished directors would get their first directed films shown and have the chance to speak about the process. Some of these well known actors include Wes Anderson, Barbara Kopple, John Huston, Darren Aronofsky, Nancy Savoca, Michael Van Peebles, Hal […]

17th Mar2013

Exclusive: Morning Glories’ Joe Eisma Interview

by Jack Kirby

Over the last year or so I’ve been slowly ingratiating myself into the wonderful and geek-tastic world of comics. Recently, I was lent the first volume of Morning Glories, a twisty, turny and thrilling series about a group of teens who have been inducted into the mysterious and sinister Morning Glory Academy and the strange […]

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