05th Jul2024

‘Strip Nude for Your Killer’ Limited Edition Blu-ray Review

by George P Thomas

Stars: ‎ Edwige Fenech, Nino Castelnuovo, Erna Schürer, Solvi Stubing, Amanda, Franco Diogene, Femi Benussi, Lucio Como | Written by Andrea Bianchi, Massimo Felisatti | Directed by Andrea Bianchi

Strip Nude for Your Killer, directed by Andrea Bianchi, is a quintessential giallo film that adheres to the genre’s signature blend of eroticism, graphic violence, and intricate mystery. Originally released in 1975, this film encapsulates the lurid and sensationalist tendencies of giallo cinema, making it both a compelling and controversial entry in the genre.

The narrative revolves around a series of brutal murders targeting employees of a high-fashion modelling agency. The killer, dressed in motorcycle gear, executes victims with a mix of sadistic precision and sexual overtones, a hallmark of giallo films. The story’s structure follows the genre’s typical whodunit format, with a plethora of red herrings and an eventual unmasking of the killer that is both shocking and satisfying.

Bianchi’s direction emphasizes the visual style that giallo fans have come to adore. The film’s cinematography uses vibrant colours, dramatic lighting, and stylish compositions to create a sense of unease and allure. The frequent use of close-ups, particularly during the murder scenes, amplifies the visceral impact and heightens the tension. The fashion industry setting provides a backdrop rich with visual and thematic contrasts, juxtaposing beauty and brutality in a way that is quintessentially giallo.

The characters in Strip Nude for Your Killer are archetypal figures within the giallo genre: the beautiful but vulnerable women, the morally ambiguous men, and the enigmatic killer. Performances by Edwige Fenech and Nino Castelnuovo are notable, with Fenech’s portrayal of Magda being particularly engaging. Her presence adds a layer of glamour and sensuality that is crucial to the film’s appeal. The cast’s overall performance aligns with the genre’s melodramatic and sometimes over-the-top acting style, contributing to the film’s distinct charm.

Giallo films often explore themes of sexuality, violence, and psychological trauma, and Strip Nude for Your Killer is no exception. The film delves into the dark underbelly of the fashion world, highlighting the exploitation and objectification inherent in the industry. This thematic focus on the interplay between sex and death is a critical aspect of giallo, providing not just shock value but also a critique of societal norms and taboos.

The score by Berto Pisano is a significant contributor to the film’s atmosphere. The music oscillates between sultry, jazzy tunes and jarring, suspenseful motifs, mirroring the film’s oscillation between eroticism and horror. The soundtrack enhances the viewing experience, imbuing scenes with a sense of style and tension that is essential to the genre.

Strip Nude for Your Killer is a gritty, provocative entry in the giallo genre that embodies its core elements with unapologetic fervour. It is a film that will appeal to genre enthusiasts for its adherence to giallo conventions and its audacious approach to storytelling. While it may be polarizing due to its explicit content and graphic violence, it remains a noteworthy example of 1970s Italian horror cinema. For those interested in the darker, more exploitative side of giallo, Andrea Bianchi’s film is a must-watch, offering a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the lurid world of murder and mystery.

Special Features:

  • 2K Restoration from original negative. Full HD 1080P
  • Seamless options: Uniquely this release presents a choice of both ‘Tinted’ or regular ‘Untinted’ Opening scene Versions
  • Interview with Star Nino Castelnuovo ’The Sweetest Memory’
  • Interview with Star Erna Schürer ‘Emma’
  • New English Subtitles & additional SDH

**** 4/5

Strip Nude for Your Killer will be released on Limited Edition Blu-ray on July 8th, courtesy of Shameless Screen Entertainment.

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