28th Jun2024

Unboxing: The Otaku Box – May 2024

by Phil Wheat

The Otaku Box is a surprise box of anime items delivered to your home every month, with a voting system that allows subscribers to vote for the contents of the box – be it figure designs, t-shirt designs, or other items like wall scrolls!

How it works:

  1. Choose your items – Pick your free bonus anime figure and add a t-shirt or upgrade to a scale anime figure!
  2. Place your order – You’ll check out and enter your payment details (100% secure!)
  3. Vote for your faves – After checkout you’ll get to vote for the anime titles and art you want!
  4. Get your box – Yay! You get a box full of anime goodies, and three are always exclusive!

Check them out now, visit The Otaku Box website; and you can watch our unboxing of the FANTASTIC (may favourite box yet) April edition below:


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