26th Jun2024

‘We Will Find You’ Short Film Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Judson Vaughan, Kevin Stewart, Emilio Salgado | Written and Directed by Judson Vaughan

The latest short film from Judson Vaughan, We Will Find You is a product of tireless work for the star who is also credited as writer, director, producer, cinematographer, editor, and sound designer. Considering how many tasks he undertook, do not be surprised if he also provided the refreshments on-set.

The story focuses on Vinny (Vaughan), who has spent years tirelessly searching for the man responsible for killing his brother. With the help of Gerry (Kevin Stewart), Vinny soon crosses paths with Francisco (Emilio Salgado), the man he believes to be responsible for the murder.

As Vaughan depicts a tale of vengeance and immeasurable grief, one gets the sense that this tireless search has become a massive part of Vinny’s life. He wishes to avenge his fallen sibling, but who will he become when he no longer has this quest to drive him? Will he be satisfied when he has reached the end, and must face the feelings of loss that he has tried to outrun? Even though the story can feel familiar, there are enough turns which ensure this feels fresh.

For a story following the intent of taking lives, the editing and cinematography breathe life into this work with their eye-catching spectacle. Elements like these help set this work apart, and effectively craft a little corner of this world where these central three characters can inhabit.

If there is one major issue, the line readings can feel stiff in places and take one out of the story. This can also be true of the voiceover, and it particularly feels unfortunate when the performances can deliver the effectiveness on their own. Despite this, We Will Find You is an engaging way to spend 20-minutes.

*** 3/5

We Will Find You is currently enjoying a successful festival run.


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