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‘TNA Wrestling’ Review (Jun 20th 2024)

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to this week’s review of TNA Wrestling, Let’s get straight into the review and see what went down on the show…

Match #1: Spitfire def. The Hex

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

Jody Threat and Marti Belle lock up, with Jody getting pushed into the corner but responding with a powerful shoulder tackle. She unleashes a flurry of offense on Marti, finishing with an exploder suplex. Marti tags in Allysin Kay, but Jody takes her down with a swift kick. Jody then tags in Dani Luna, and together they lay out Kay with a combination of moves, culminating in a double suplex.Marti distracts the referee, allowing Kay to land a cheap shot and shift the momentum. The HEX hits a tag team combo on Jody, with Marti continuing the assault. They execute another tag team combo, culminating in a huge senton from Kay. Marti then cheap shots Luna on the apron and locks in a headlock on Jody. The crowd rallies behind Jody, giving her temporary energy, but Kay yanks Luna off the apron before she can tag in. Jody evades and makes the hot tag to Luna, who comes in fired up, diving to the floor to take out The HEX. Luna returns to the ring, but the numbers game is too much, and Belle and Kay lay her out. Kay attempts to set up for Hex Marks The Spot, but Luna escapes and tags in Jody. Jody climbs to the top and front flips onto both members of The HEX, hitting a devastating tag combo and securing the win for SPITFIRE!

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #2: Chicago Street Fight – Frankie Kazarian def. Ace Steel

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

Ace immediately throws a trash can at Kazarian and takes the fight to him with relentless aggression. Kazarian turns the tide with a well-placed kick to the spine. He then grabs more weapons from outside the ring. However, Ace retaliates by hurling the trash can at Kazarian’s head. With Kazarian stunned, Ace capitalizes and delivers a suplex, slamming him onto the trash can. Kazarian reverses an Irish whip, sending Ace to the floor, and follows up by throwing the trash can at him. He then starts putting a beatdown on Ace, body-slamming him on the floor and choking him with a cord. Ace fights back with forearms, but Kazarian hits him with a steel chair and powerbombs him onto it. Kazarian tries to hit Ace in the head with the chair, but Ace moves, causing the chair to bounce off the top rope and hit Kazarian instead. Ace retaliates by firing back with the chair and a kendo stick. Kazarian manages to hit a DDT and picks up the kendo stick, locking in the chicken wing with it. However, Ace low blows Kazarian and puts him away with a Fade to Black on chairs.

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #3: Ash By Elegance def. Heather Reckless

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

The bell rings as Ash By Elegance and Heather Reckless face off. Ash gains the upper hand with a well-placed kick to the spine, followed by a stinging punch to the mouth. Reckless retaliates, evading Ash in the corner and delivering a sharp uppercut followed by a powerful palm strike. However, Ash quickly turns the tide with a breathtaking move, hitting a rarefied air and securing the victory.

My Score: 0 out of 5

Match #4: Johnny Dango Curtis def. Ryan Nemeth

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

The match starts with Ryan Nemeth gaining early momentum, hitting a big dropkick and continuing to put the heat on Johnny “Dango” Curtis. Dango manages to turn the tide with a backbreaker, following up with a series of chops and locking in a submission hold to wear down Nemeth. Nemeth fights back, by landing a running European uppercut and a jumping DDT to regain control. However, Dango retreats to the floor to catch his breath before returning to the ring. He delivers a decisive kick to Nemeth and follows up with a top rope leg drop, securing the victory. The System enters the ring to congratulate Johnny “Dango” Curtis on his victory. However, their celebration turns into a vicious beatdown on Ryan Nemeth. Just when it seems like Nemeth is outnumbered, Nic Nemeth rushes to the ring to save his brother. The Nemeth brothers stand tall together, ready to take on The System and defend their honor.

My Score: 2 out of 5

Match #5: Josh Alexander def. Eric Young

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

Josh and EY start with a back-and-forth exchange, showcasing their technical prowess. Young gains the advantage with a well-timed back elbow, staggering Josh. He capitalizes by driving Josh into the corner and delivering a series of solid shots. However, Josh fights back, landing a powerful punch of his own to regain momentum. Young quickly regains control, catching Josh with a back suplex and transitioning into a Sharpshooter submission. Josh shows resilience, pulling himself to the ropes to break the hold. However, EY pulls him back to the center of the ring and locks in a Sharpshooter of his own, applying pressure on Josh’s lower back. Josh manages to reach the ropes, forcing the break. The two separate momentarily before Josh strikes with a back body drop and a running forearm in the corner. He follows up with a knee to the back of Young’s head, continuing the assault. Josh unleashes a flurry of German suplexes, showcasing his strength and determination. However, EY refuses to stay down, grabbing the ropes to break Josh’s momentum and then dumping him with a devastating DVD. EY takes a risk, climbing to the top rope, but Josh meets him with a forearm strike and a crossbody to the back, stunning Young. Josh attempts a moonsault, but EY evades, showing his ring awareness. EY seizes the opportunity, climbing the ropes again and hitting a massive elbow drop. Despite the impact, Josh kicks out, displaying his resilience. Josh retaliates by locking in an ankle lock, targeting Young’s legs. However, Young rolls through, countering with a Young Blood Neckbreaker followed by a huge piledriver. EY goes for the pin, but at the last moment, Alexander manages to get his foot on the bottom rope, breaking the pinfall and keeping the match alive. As the intense battle continues, EY attempts a high-risk move, looking to execute a piledriver from the second rope. However, Josh manages to reverse the maneuver, turning the tables on Young. EY quickly recovers and rolls Josh up for a pin, but Josh kicks out, showing his determination to secure victory. EY doesn’t let up and goes for a discus clothesline, aiming to put Josh away. However, Josh anticipates the move, catching EY’s arm and using his momentum to deliver another massive suplex. Josh then hits his signature C4 Spike, a devastating finisher, securing the win and solidifying his spot at Slammiversary!

My Score: 3.5 out of 5

Final Verdict: 2.5/5

Well that was a one match show wasn’t it. When the short appearance of Joe Hendry in NXT generated more excitement than most of this show. Which is a shame. The exposure from TNA stars appearing in NXT has, frankly, been wasted given how sub-par the show has been in recent weeks. Just watch the main event match on YouTube or something.


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