17th May2024

‘TNA Wrestling’ Review (May 16th 2024)

by Phil Wheat

Welcome to this week’s review of TNA Wrestling, Let’s get straight into the review and see what went down on the show…

Match #1: Ash by Elegance def. Xia Brookside

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

The match kicks off and Ash reveals the Personal Concierge is wearing a referee shirt under his suit jacket, a move quickly shut down by the actual referee. Seizing the moment of distraction, Xia attempts to roll Ash up, but Ash swiftly kicks out and counters with a kick to Xia’s stomach. Xia then catches Ash with a Sunset Flip, leading to a heated brawl that spills to the floor. Ash licks her hand and delivers a stinging chop to Xia before sending her back into the ring. As Ash gloats to the fans, Xia catches her off guard with a Thesz Press, forcing Ash to roll out of the ring. Xia follows and chops her back. Ash tries to send Xia into the post, but Xia blocks and Suplexes her onto the floor, following up with a Crossbody from the apron. Xia attempts to climb back into the ring, but the personal concierge grabs her leg, causing her to hit the apron. Ash seizes the opportunity, hitting her signature move “Rarified Air” to secure the victory.

My Score: 2.5 out of 5

Match #2: Leon Slater def. Alan Angels

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The bell rings, and Alan Angels and Leon Slater lock up. Slater hits Angels with a Shoulder Tackle, and the two engage in a fast-paced sequence, exchanging pins. They stand off, and Angels claps, asking Slater for a handshake. Angels tries to pull a fast one, but Leon Slater counters with a big back elbow and flattens Angels with a dive onto the floor. Angels catches Slater up in the apron and takes advantage, delivering a sharp kick to his chest. With Angels in control, he rolls Slater back into the ring. Suddenly, the camera cuts to the referee on the floor, struggling to breathe and spitting up black ink after his interaction with Jonathan Gresham last week! Other referees guide him to the back while the action continues in the ring. Slater hits Angels with a kick to the face and goes for a Suplex, but Angels reverses, delivering a series of Full Nelson German Suplexes! Angels attempts a kick, but Leon reverses and nails a Swanton 450, securing the win!

My Score: 3 out of 5

Match #3: Frankie Kazarian def. Steve Maclin

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

Kaz starts by yelling at Jade, demanding she announce him as “The King of TNA.” As he turns around, Maclin clotheslines him over the top rope! The fight spills to the floor, where Maclin delivers brutal chops and a side Suplex on the apron. He rolls Kaz back into the ring, but Kazarian counters with a Suplex into the corner. Kaz sends Maclin off the ropes and drops him, following up with a huge stomp to the ribs. Maclin rolls out of the ring again, and Kaz meets him with a chop. Back in the ring, they exchange punches, and Kaz goes for a chicken wing. Maclin runs towards the ropes, sending Kaz to the floor. Kaz stops Maclin’s dive with a forearm shiver and a leg drop, smashing Maclin’s face into the apron. The onslaught continues with Kaz stomping him in the corner. Maclin counters with a Uranagi, then starts feeding shots to Kaz, sending him off the ropes and mounting a comeback. Maclin takes Kaz out with the dive he attempted earlier and follows up with a clothesline to gain control. Maclin sets Kaz up for Into The Crosshairs, but Kaz moves, and they slug it out on the apron. Kaz rakes the eyes and attempts Fade to Black on the hardest part of the ring. Maclin counters with Kaos Theory, but Kaz reverses and sends Maclin crashing to the floor. Maclin gets back in at the count of nine. Kaz tries the Chicken Wing again, but Maclin reverses and hits a Psycho Knee, followed by a Headbutt. Maclin goes for KIA, but Kaz reverses, and they fight for the Chicken Wing again. Maclin evades momentarily, but Kaz finally locks it in! Maclin tries to get up, but Kaz keeps a tight hold. Maclin reverses it into a pin, but Kaz kicks out and catches Maclin with a boot to the face. Maclin refuses to stay down. Kaz puts Maclin on the top rope, and they start brawling. Kaz goes for Flex Capacitor, but Maclin hits him, realizing Kazarian is set up for Into the Crosshairs. Suddenly, Trey Miguel appears out of nowhere, causing a distraction. This gives Zachary Wentz the chance to roll in and spray paint Maclin’s eyes! Kaz takes advantage, hits KIA, and secures the pinfall victory.

My Score: 3.5 out of 5

Match #4: The Champions Challenge – Broken Matt Hardy, Ryan Nemeth, Sami Callihan, Dani Luna, Jody Threat, Eric Young, Steph De Lander & Joe Hendry def. Mustafa Ali, Laredo Kid, Jordynne Grace, Masha Slamovich, Alisha Edwards, Moose, Brian Myers, & Eddie Edwards

The following is courtesy of tnawrestling.com:

Joe Hendry grabs the microphone, and the crowd erupts with chants of “WE BELIEVE!” Hendry jokes that The Champions Challenge might cause an outbreak of HENDRYMANIA, and the cure is for the crowd to keep chanting “WE BELIEVE!” The match begins with Eddie Edwards and Eric Young locking up. Young pushes Edwards off, who retreats to his corner, and Moose steps into the ring. Both teams enter the ring, facing off. The referees struggle to regain order as the match descends into a brawl. Jordynne Grace and Dani Luna are left in the ring, exchanging shoulder tackles. Dani finally takes Jordynne down, but Jordynne quickly retaliates with a tackle of her own. The two women exchange pin attempts until Jordynne tags in Laredo Kid, who takes down Luna with a Hurricanrana. Luna counters with a Suplex and sends Laredo off the ropes, where Steph De Lander puts up a boot, slowing Laredo down. Luna and De Lander exchange words before De Lander tags in. Laredo drops De Lander with a drop toe hold and tags in Masha Slamovich. Slamovich and De Lander face off, but a terrified De Lander quickly tags in Jody Threat. Jody wants Alisha Edwards, but Masha refuses. Jody knocks Masha down and goes straight for Alisha, but the distraction gives Masha the upper hand. Masha hair-whips Jody around the ring and stomps her out. Jody reverses an Irish whip and meets Masha with a back elbow, splashing her in the corner, and launching her with an exploder Suplex. Masha fights back, tagging in Alisha, who hits a running Crossbody on a seated Jody. Alisha tries to pick Jody up, but Jody reverses, sending her into the ropes, and hits a German Suplex. Jody covers, but Alisha kicks out. Jody hits a stalling Suplex and tosses Alisha into the champions’ corner. Masha Slamovich tags in, taking advantage with a kick to Jody’s stomach. Masha feeds Jody a few shots and tags in Alisha. They attempt a double Suplex, but Dani Luna pulls Jody down. Myers and Eddie jump in, taking out Dani and Jody.

After the commercial break, we return to Mustafa Ali standing over Jody Threat. He goes for a huge Elbow Drop, but Jody moves and tags in Ryan Nemeth, who meets Ali with a flying clothesline. Nemeth goes for a Suplex, but Ali reverses, only for Nemeth to catch him with a standing dropkick. Nemeth charges Ali, who evades and chops him. Ali goes for a clothesline, which Nemeth ducks, hitting a DDT. The System distracts Nemeth, allowing Ali to take him down with a Neckbreaker. Ali tags in Moose, who starts pummeling Nemeth. Moose sends Nemeth into the buckle and tags in Eddie Edwards. Eddie chops Nemeth and follows up with a Clothesline. Moose tags back in and delivers a massive chop to Nemeth. Nemeth fights back but gets leveled with a Back Elbow. Moose tags Myers, who continues the assault. Nemeth fights back with a Sunset Flip, but Myers tags in Eddie Edwards. Ali tags back in, shouting orders, then leaves the ring, grabbing his X Division title and withdrawing from the match. The assault on Ryan Nemeth continues as Myers locks in a Headlock. The crowd chants for Nemeth, giving him strength, but Myers quickly shuts it down. Nemeth hits Danger Zone, finally tagging in Broken Matt Hardy, who faces TNA Champion Moose. They brawl in the middle of the ring, with Matt taking a big boot but countering with a Hiptoss and Side Effect. Moose kicks out and moves to the corner, where Matt bounces his head off all three turnbuckles. Alisha jumps on Matt’s back, raking his eyes, but Matt tags in Sami Callihan, who delivers a flurry of Clotheslines. Eddie tries to jump off the second rope but gets hit with a forearm. Sami goes for a Piledriver, but Eddie pushes him into the corner and tags in Myers. Sami hits Eddie and Myers with a 2-for-1 move. Sami tags in Joe Hendry, who is on fire, giving Myers a Fallaway Slam, ducking Eddie’s clothesline, and hitting another Fallaway Slam and a Powerbomb. Chaos erupts as both teams brawl. Eddie gets dumped to the floor, and Jordynne stops Sami from doing thumbs up thumbs down, hitting him with a Backfist and diving onto the pile. Eric Young levels Edwards, and Laredo hits a Moonsault on the pile. Jody Threat climbs to the top and hits a Stage Dive that would make Lars Frederiksen proud! In the ring, Hendry and Myers get to their feet when Eddie runs in. Hendry tries a double Clothesline, but they evade and take him out with a Spear from Myers. Eddie and Myers set up Hendry, but Eric Young pulls Eddie out, and Hendry hits Myers with a Standing Ovation, securing the victory for the All-Star team!

My Score: 3 out of 5

Final Verdict: 3/5

I’ve said it before but each and every week it feels like TNA is headed closer and closer to a “sports entertainment” style presentation – which is not something I enjoy seeing. TNA was its own thing and I get they want to be considered among the big boys but, and this is just my opinion, it feels like they’re sacrificing some of the fantastic wrestling action in the hopes of doing that. for example this week we only got four, yes FOUR(!) matches in a two-hour show, which is very much a WWE/AEW thing. TNA, I think, USED to cram in 6 or more matches into their two-hour show. Now each and every week we seem to be getting less and less wrestling, which is a real shame…


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