06th Feb2024

‘Inside: Limited Edition’ Blu-ray Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Béatrice Dalle, Alysson Paradis, Jean-Baptiste Tabourin, Nathalie Roussel, François-Régis Marchasson | Written and Directed by Alexandre Bustillo, Julien Maury

I remember always enjoying Inside, and first saw it not long after its initial release. It was brutal, gory and set on Christmas Eve. Therefore, a ‘Christmas’ movie that, for a while, got watched every holiday period. But, with my ever-expanded collection of Christmas movies, and not enough time to watch them, it had been several years since I had seen the film. So, Second Sight’s Limited Edition Blu-ray release has come at just the right time!

If someone asked me if home invasion horror movies were a particular favourite of mine, my initial reaction would be no. But two of my favourite movies are Inside and The Strangers. Two movies that do lots of different things with that subgenre but that are equally as effective. Inside is the one of the two that is a bit more ‘no-hold-back’, in-your-face style of movie.

You might forgive some movie-goers for thinking that the first thirty minutes of Inside are a little slow. This is only true in that no ‘horror’ is happening. This is all setting the stage as we see a woman, four months after a car accident that caused the death of her husband, heavily pregnant on Christmas Eve, when she is terrorised by a strange woman who wants her baby. And you wonder how exatly the film can continue for another fifty minutes with the women already inside the house.

In the few years I hadn’t watched the movie, I’d somehow forgotten quite how crazy and gory this movie is. Horror fans who like their blood, gore and visible injuries are very much in for a treat. The second half of the movie is non-stop in that regard and it somehow never feels like it is overdone (perhaps because things are kept quiet for that first thirty minutes) or just violent for the sake of it. Objects are thrust into eyes, necks, knees and much much more. Scissors become the weapon that the film’s images are centred on, especially over the woman’s pregnant stomach. There’s also a gunshot that will literally blow you away. This is all done with the help of some fantastic practical effects. This manages to feel very old-school (you can see it is obviously practical in places) but still manages to be very cool-looking. There is a small amount of CGI which doesn’t look great but is necessary – the baby in the womb. The brutality of some of this movie cannot be underestimated, and there is a lot of blood.

I loved the use of the ‘image’ of the blood too. Much of the home is white, so it shows up everywhere. You also have the the very obvious but still nice idea of the pregnant woman wearing all white (and eventually lots of red), while the invader is all in black. Good vs Evil is very clear. The directors create some great-looking images throughout, and there are glimpses here of what great filmmakers they are – it’s not all completely gore. Well, it kind of is but there’s much more to it!

The score bursts out of the screen with harsh noises in the most violent moments. While the last ten minutes go a bit more traditional (and twisted) horror, rather than the violent film that has come before it. I enjoyed the brief use of a camera and its flash to look for the woman when the lights go out, and a beautifully twisted ending.

The directors create this horrific situation for the lead character – (very) pregnant, alone and almost completely helpless – it’s surprisingly relatable and you feel her pain every step of the way. Alysson Paradis is fantastic in that lead role.

If you have somehow never watched this French horror classic, you need to remedy that immediately and there’s no better way than this new set. This is some of the very best and most violent horrors of the last twenty years.

The Inside: Limited Edition Blu-ray set comes with a host of new extras:

Special Features

  • New audio commentary by Anna Bogutskaya
  • New audio commentary by Elena Lazic
  • First Born: a new interview with Co-Writer/Directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury
  • Labour Pains: a new interview with Actor Alysson Paradis
  • A New Extreme: a new interview with Producer Franck Ribière
  • Womb Raider: a new interview with Cinematographer Laurent Barès
  • Reel Action: a new interview with Stunt Coordinator Emmanuel Lanzi
  • The Birth of a Mother: Jenn Adams on Inside

Limited Edition Contents

  • Rigid slipcase with new artwork by James Neal
  • 70-page book with new essays by ​​Chad Collins, Kat Ellinger, Annie Rose Malamet and Hannah Strong
  • 6 collectors’ art cards

The Inside: Limited Edition Blu-ray is out now from Second Sight.


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