03rd Oct2023

‘Caddy Hack’ Blu-ray Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Jim Gordon, Jake Foy, Chrissy Cavallo, Nick Twist, Ilene Sullivan, John Evans | Written and Directed by Anthony Catanese

Prior to an impending golf tournament, a struggling golf course is beset by a string of caddy murders from pesticide-mutated gophers. The latest film from writer/director Anthony Catanese crosses Caddyshack with a monster movie, intending for a horror flick that will leave viewers laughing yet instead feels created title-first and worked backwards.

Intending to keep his golf course running by covering up the carnage is owner Wells Landon (Jim Gordon), who is an evident stand-in for Trump. As he talks about his tiny hands, wears an awful wig, and lusts after a young female relative, this is a very heavy-handed inclusion. Between bullied caddie Googie (Jake Foy) and dim-witted groundskeeper Hambone (Nick Twist), nobody on-screen resembles an actual person, although calling them cartoons would be insulting to an already undervalued medium.

The horror elements are worked around in ways to hide the low budget, although the poor editing and dreadful effects only worsen the attempts at on-screen brutality. Most of the focus is on the comedic aspects, although this is let down by an unnecessary need to explain the jokes and take juvenile avenues in tiresome ways. What hurts both aspects is a missing sense of timing, as exemplified by an overlong sequence of caddies honouring a fallen colleague in an innuendo-laden sequence about his clean balls.

Closing the film is a radio DJ breaking the fourth wall by saying anyone who did not like the film can kiss his butt. Prepare for a lot of kissing, because Caddy Hack is utter gopher shit.

Blu-ray Special Features:

  • Director and producer Commentary
  • Outtakes and Behind the Scenes Footage
  • Old Glory Holes Commercial
  • Caddy Hack Rap
  • Balls Deep Karaoke
  • Brew Break Drinking Game
  • BLU RAY exclusive – Illustrated Slipcase art
  • BLU RAY exclusive – Folded poster

Caddy Hack premieres on digital on October 10th, followed by a Special Edition Blu-ray on October 24th, courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing.

½  0.5/5


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