05th Jul2023

‘What The Waters Left Behind: Scars’ Review

by James Rodrigues

Stars: Magui Bravi, Agustin Olcese, Clara Kovacic, Maria Eugenia Rigon, Matías Desiderio, Juan Pablo Bishel, Germán Baudino, Chucho Fernández, Mario Alarcón, David Michigan | Written by Camilo Zaffora | Directed by Nicolás Onetti

Following his 2017 film, What The Waters Left Behind, director Nicolás Onetti crafts a further tale of the cannibalistic family living within the flooded town of Epecuén. The focus is on an Anglo-American rock band on the last stop of their unlucky tour, where the members’ frustrations are spilling out into explosive arguments. Approaching them after the performance is the mysterious Carla (Magui Bravi), whose offer of a place to stay leads the band into a hellish scenario.

Adapting Camilo Zaffora’s screenplay, the influences of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Hostel are felt in this tale of a rock band thrust into an unimaginable nightmare. It’s a shame the focus is on such a tiresome group whose depictions feel limited to irritating arguments or fear, with few instances for them to resemble actual people. A more interesting focus would have been on the cannibalistic family, whose infighting comes from a change in hierarchy which results in the grandfather demanding all others follow his way. With clear hatred seen within this film, the palpable tensions give way to the sickening actions they perpetrate against each other.

While it may sporadically appear, Fer Curci’s make-up is effectively done to convey the distressing horrors inflicted by this family. Less effective are the physical conflicts, as the choreography appears to be unfolding at half speed to effectively minimise any excitement such scenes may generate. What’s left is a lacking and dull film which has not moved on since the xenophobic days of Hostel, positing the idea that there is nothing to fear but people from other countries.

** 2/5

What The Waters Left Behind: Scars releases July 18th on VOD, Blu-ray, and DVD from Cleopatra Entertainment.


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