19th Jun2023

The Virtual Tableread: Kenopsia – The first AI-Driven Horror-Sci-Fi Podcast?

by Phil Wheat

Pioneering digital content company Pigeon Shrine have announced the launch of The Virtual Tableread: Kenopsia. This innovative horror-sci-fi podcast, performed entirely by artificial intelligence, offers a distinctive and immersive listening experience. The Virtual Tableread: Kenopsia charts the intense journey of Rose, a woman trapped in a chilling pocket dimension, confronted by unseen horrors. Armed with her wits and bravery, she navigates this threatening landscape in a struggle for survival.

This project is brought to life under the direction of executive producers Charley McDougall, Jamie Mcleod-Ross, and Steve Moseley. Writer-producer Tom Paton collaborates with producers Nicole Bartlett, Max Sweiry, Alvin Adams, Frank Corbie, and Mark Woodyatt, to produce this enthralling narrative.

Tom Paton, CEO of Pigeon Shrine, highlighted the company’s approach to this unique project:

At Pigeon Shrine, our aim is to use AI as a catalyst for job creation within the media sector. The way we’ve chosen to produce this show represents a key step in recognizing and securing the crucial role of human creativity in the rapidly evolving landscape of entertainment.

The Virtual Tableread is an anthology series. Its next instalment, Compliant, is set for release following the run of Kenopsia. Pigeon Shrine is also preparing to launch additional AI-centric podcast shows that delve into the intriguing intersection of technology and creativity. Subscribers of Pigeon Shrine Plus can gain early access to all this content, and binge new blocks of The Virtual Tableread as they are released, by subscribing on Apple.


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