13th Apr2023

‘AEW: Dark’ Review (Apr 11th 2023)

by Phil Wheat

Another week, another episode of AEW: Dark which this week features just four matches – matching this week’s Elevation. Let’s see what went down…

Match #1: Matt Taven def. Brian Pillman Jr.

My Thoughts: An impressive opening match with Brian Pillman holding his own against the more experienced Taven – which I honestly did not expect. Pillman, in the few solo matches he’s had recently, has shown a new side to his character and seems to have come on leaps and bounds with his skills too.

My Score: 3 out of 5

Match #2: Lee Johnson def. Blake Li

My Thoughts: It’s Lee versus Li in a squash match to the death… No, seriously, this was your typical AEW squash match. with Li getting at least one movie in before Lee took over and ended the match in swift fashion.

My Score: 1 out of 5

Match #3: Josh Woods def. Daisy K

My Thoughts: Another squash match, only this one features Josh Woods – who seems to abandoned his Varsity Athletes tag partner Tony Nese for a more successful singles run if recent weeks are to be believed. Still, a squash is a squash is a squash!

My Score: 1 out of 5

Match #4: Willow Nightingale def. Diamante

My Thoughts: Diamante main events another AEW YouTube show and improves it tenfold. Again. This match was made even better thanks to having Willow Nightingale as her opponent. It was like watching polar opposites fight – the bubbly, fun Nightingale and the stoic, ever-serious Diamante. And those two personalities and skillsets coming together made for the best match on AEW television this week… so far.

My Score: 3.5 out of 5

Final Verdict: 3/5


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