22nd Mar2023

Luther: The Fallen Sun – A Triumph or a Disappointment?

by James Smith

The fifth and last season of the mega-popular British psychological crime thriller series Luther premiered on 1st January 2019. Ever since, fans have been left with the cruel ending for the main character Luther, who was locked up in prison for transgressions during his work as a detective.

Two and a half years after the series came to an end, Netflix announced – in September 2021 – the continuation of the series with creator Neil Cross writing and Idris Elba returning as detective Luther. The film, titled Luther: The Fallen Sun, premiered on 24th February 2023 in cinemas and it was released on the 10th March 2023 on Netflix.

According to director Jamie Payne, the spin-off continues the story of the series about the troubled yet brilliant detective Luther – but this time things have taken a turn for the worse. Don’t worry – the story is easy to follow even if you haven’t binged the series yet – just as easy as you can claim an offer through Casinobonusesfinder.co.uk/no-deposit-bonus/ offer.

A triumphant return or a failure to meet the expectations?

The movie, just like the series, takes place in London, where Luther is locked up in prison. Before ending up there, however, he was working on a disappearance case that blows up while he is in prison. The film follows the case that turns out to be a part of a killing spree of a twisted serial killer.

Luther is convinced that the killer is preparing something bigger, and, surprise-surprise, he’s the only one that can stop him. Unfortunately, he’s still in prison. So, surprise-surprise, he breaks out of prison successfully, puts his signature coat on and he is ready to begin the hunt of the gruesome serial killer David Robey (Andy Serkis).

While Luther tries to find out what Robey is planning to do next, he is being tracked his former colleagues, led by DCI Odette Raine and his retired boss Martin Schenk. They all end up in Piccadilly Circus where the serial killer made quite a show. This is a big scene in the movie, and in an interview with Collider, Elba revealed that they only managed to film the scene thanks to a Luther fan who signed off the filming rights for the busy area. Later in the film, the story continues in Norway, where Luther and Odette try to track down the killer at his icy fortress surrounded by a morbid icy lake.

What do we think about it?

Despite the fact that the beginning of Luther: The Fallen Sun is a little rushed and choppy, and the few content gaps, the film is worth a watch. You’ll be captivated by the charming Idris Elba and his immaculate acting throughout the film. Product Owner Tony Sloterman believes that this is Elba’s audition for 007 – and he passed it.

You will not be left disappointed by the serial killer either. He is an evil, bloodthirsty killer, who has an over-the-top monstrous plan. Truly a great adversary to our beloved character Luther.

There are some quite morbid scenes and a great jump scare scene, and the action is spot on. Admittedly, you can’t stop wondering whether they intendedly copied some iconic scenes from other blockbusters, like the one where Luther stands on the rooftop of a building in London with his signature coat, much like Batman did in The Dark Knight.

In a typical Netflix fashion, Luther: The Fallen Sun ends on a cliffhanger which leaves space for a sequel of the film, and Elba himself has been talking about Luther becoming an ongoing movie series like James Bond.

If you are already a fan of the series, you might be disappointed by the frequent content gaps and the lack of originality. On the other hand, if you’re after a challenging police drama and great action scenes, you’ll enjoy the full 130 minutes of Luther: The Fallen Sun.


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