30th Jan2023

Staying out of trouble – how to avoid shady online casino operators

by James Smith

The iGaming market generates more than $50 billion per year, a figure that’s rising at a compound annual rate of more than 11 percent. It’s a dynamic market, with new players trying out online betting and new businesses launching to serve them every week. Amid all that action and with so much money in play, it is inevitable that the market attracts a minority of scammers and charlatans. Here, we will provide some actionable tips on how to enjoy online casino games safely and avoid being taken in by the scammers.

Check with the experts – locally

A $50 billion industry spawns all sorts of peripheral services. One that is absolutely vital for iGaming novices is the wealth of impartial casino review sites that are now available. Choose a reviewer with local knowledge – whether you want to play at Australian online pokies or back a team in the Super Bowl, there’s plenty of expertise out there, so make use of it. Local online casino or sports betting review sites help you to find the providers offering the best odds, most generous bonuses, widest choice of games and so on, too.

Licensing information

The quickest and most obvious way to check an online casino is above-board is to look at its license. Now achieving a license is hard work in terms of the controls and processes that need to be put in place and the money spent, so casinos are generally eager to shout from the rooftops about the licenses they hold. There’s usually licensing information on the home page, so you really shouldn’t have to search hard for it. If you do, that should set alarm bells ringing.

Customer service

Good customer communication is vital in any business. A reputable casino will have a customer service representative available to respond to queries straight away, 24/7. Take a look at their “contact us” page. Can you contact them by phone or instant chat? If they only offer a contact form or a general email address, it is a sign that the site could just be a shell or clone. Either way, it’s an indication that you should walk away.

Secure payment options

Card payments and bank transfers are not ideal transaction methods when you gamble online. They tend to take time and often incur transaction fees. If that is really your preferred method of payment, that’s your choice. But most serious casino platforms will offer alternatives. These might include digital payment platforms like Skrill and PayPal. A growing number even welcome Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In short, the more options that are available here, the greater confidence you can have that they are above board.

If it walks like a duck…

Finally, trust your instincts. If something smells wrong, then it probably is. When in doubt, remember those review sites we mentioned earlier. Also, a simple search on Google takes a few seconds but can save a whole world of pain further down the line.


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