09th Jan2023

Take a Gamble on WWE in 2023

by James Smith

For those who love WWE, you can add to the thrill by placing a bet on your favourite wrestlers. It’s true that you can bet on bouts in the WWE, even though we know that the bouts are primarily staged. The WWE began in the 1950s, with the current title being used since 2002. Though the outcomes of the bouts are predetermined, and the wrestlers follow a script to a certain extent, the actual wrestling moves are not faked; they are 100% genuine.

Similar to the WWE, online gambling has exploded in popularity since the first online casino opened its electronic doors in 1994. The sophistication of games offered at online casinos is mind-blowing. There are thousands of slot games, hundreds of video classic casino games and live tables where the gambler plays in as close to a live environment as possible. Casinos offer a wide range of incentives to encourage new gamblers to their doors, with welcome bonuses being the first incentive to catch the gambler’s eye.

Many casinos also run a sports gambling section where the gambler can bet on many mainstream and niche sports. For the past decade, many online sportsbooks have offered odds on WWE matches but betting on WWE matches is not like betting on other sporting codes.

What To Look Out for When Betting on WWE

Any bet is based on analysing a situation and using that knowledge to make an educated prediction for the outcome of a future event.

The fact that the outcome of the WWE matches is predetermined and the action is scripted to a degree makes betting on this form of entertainment different. There is little point in studying the form of the wrestlers or their past performance. Their skills and form are not that irrelevant. What is important is the character they have developed within the WWE.

You must study the history of what the WWE script writers have done in the past. How have they treated certain wrestlers? Are they favouring the wrestlers with a “bad” reputation over those with a “good” reputation? Remember that writers are human, so they will naturally favour certain wrestlers, even though they may throw in the odd curved ball to add an element of surprise.

It’s more watching social media for snippets of information and studying past scenarios to try and determine who the McMahons have decided will win the latest WWE Raw or Friday Night Smackdown.

So What Can You Bet on in the WWE?

There are three areas within which you can choose to wager. The first is a straightforward head-to-head matchup. You select the wrestler you believe will win. Secondly, you can bet on a future occurrence. For example, you could elect to bet on which wrestler will win a specific belt. Lastly, you can bet on special bets. For example, you can bet on one particular wrestler eliminating another wrestler in the Royal Rumble.

WWE is not a massive money-spinner for online sportsbooks, and it is unlikely that you will find life changing odds. Bets will likely be capped, and most of the bets offered will be simple. Most offer prop bets, where gamblers can bet on something happening or not happening during a game, but again these will be capped, and it’s unlikely that gamblers will be able to have big wins on these bets.

What Are the Most Popular WWE Tournaments for Betting?

WWE has many tournaments, all of which are open to betting.There are the perennial favourites such as Wrestlemania, the Royal Rumble, and King of the Ring, but keep an eye on the new international shows including the recent Clash at the Castle tournament held at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, as well as the Crown Jewel Tournaments held in Saudi Arabia. Upcoming tournaments in January 2023 for the WWE are the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw on the 23rd of January and the Royal Rumble, which will be held on the 28th of January. Betting is already open for these events.

Final Thoughts

Gambling on entertainment provided by the WWE can provide lots of fun, but don’t expect to get rich doing so. With limited markets, this type of bet is not treated seriously by bookmakers, as they tend to concentrate on mainstream sports that bring in millions of pounds. If you are a fan of the WWE, why not take a gamble on the sport in 2023? A friendly wager will make your viewing more pleasurable and add spice to a family and friends gathering.

Lastly, the cautious gambler will ensure that the online casino they choose to spend money at is legal and licensed and will treat them fairly. Online gambling in the UK is regulated, and gamblers should only play at trusted and recommended WWE betting sites.


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