30th Nov2022

‘Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Scalextric Race Set’ Video Review

by Kevin Haldon

Kev’s back with another unboxing and review of a new set from Scalextric, the Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set! Kev was mega excited for this review and as you can imagine, it did not disappoint.

Get ready for the ultimate Scalextric battle with the new Back to the Future vs Knight Rider Race Set and answer that age old question… Who would win? Buckle up as the iconic Michael Knight racing K.I.T.T or imagine travelling in the Back to the Future Time Machine as Doc or Marty McFly. Combining retro Scalextric branding with the high detailed and functional film inspired vehicles, as well as everything you need to begin your Scalextric journey in one box.

Order yours here: https://uk.scalextric.com/products/scalextric-1980s-tv-back-future-vs-knight-rider-race-set-c1431m


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