25th Nov2022

100 Word Hits – Comic Reviews #16

by Guest

Welcome to the latest installment of our 100 Word Hits column, in association with comics retailer The Unreality Store, in which Matthew De Monti brings us short, sharp reviews of the latest books to hit comic stores over the past month or so!

Hitomi #1

Written by H.S Tak | Art by Isabella Mazzanti

Japan 1590. Hitomi is on a quest to track down a ‘beetroot faced’ samurai who killed her family when she was a child. Her journey across a wintery Japanese landscape will take her to a monk’s cave at the top of a mountain to the snowy forests and icy rivers, Hitomi will learn that her revenge must be carefully planned and that betrayal and danger will dog her every move.

This opening issue has the makings of an epic tale with gorgeous art by Isabella Mazzanti. If you’re looking for something different to super heroics definitely give this a try!

Rating: 8.5/10

Ghost Rider #6

Written by Benjamin Percy | Art by Cory Smith

Wolverine turns impromptu surgeon as he decides the only way to save Blaze is to cut out the demonic cancer that’s taken over his body.

There’s a nod to John Carpenter’s The Thing with the living tumour that Wolverine cuts out of Blaze. Aside from Wolverine’s surgery, there’s a brief interlude with the Council of Night Magicians and Agent Talia Warroad as Percy builds up that plot thread.

The issue flashes by but it’s entertaining and hopefully next issue will see Flamehead back to the fore as he’s there’s some sinners in the Marvel Universe who need the penance stare!

Rating: 7.5/10

Promethee 13:13 #3

Written by Andy Diggle | Art by Shawn Martinborough

On the far side of the moon, the crew of the space shuttle argue over who will go and confront the aliens in their massive ship they’ve discovered there. Captain Kramer opts to go alone and makes a startling discovery.

On earth UFO survivor Darla Clemenceau has joined a group hoping to use an Einstein-Rosen Bridge to cross over to a parallel universe and avoid the looming apocalypse. Locating a small atoll in the middle of the Pacific they disembark from their ship only to find that something else has already used the gate and is waiting for them!

Rating: 8/10


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