30th Oct2022

Top 5: Best Golf Betting Games

by James Smith

The golf betting games would be an interesting offer not just for the golfers who know a lot about this game and have enough practical experience to predict the outcome, but for all sports bettors. Because of the simple rules and the large number of available events golf can be chosen as the main sport for betting. Especially since there are not only classical game bets available, but golf gambling options as well. So for those who want to start betting on this sport, it’s important to learn more about all the game types to choose the best one for winning bets. And remember that you should be an experienced golfer to get a real profit from golf betting.

Golf Betting

All golf games have some unique rules and features that you will need to learn before making the first bet. Take into account the information from this page below to find more options for profitable betting and real profit generation. Here you will learn about the TOP 5 games from this category which will be a great choice for a successful start with any previous experience with betting game options.


Nassau is the most common game in golf sports betting bitcoins and the best choice for side bets. According to its rules, there are two or four players who could take part in Nassau, and the bettor could make up to three bets which will be separated. For example, here one will be made for the front nine balls, one for the back nine, and the last one for the entire eighteen.

The typical wager here will be around $2-$5, but also you can always select the $1 for each bet. And maybe you already heard about the “5&1” game when players select the $5 bet with $1 birdies. So if another team makes three or more birdies when you will lose the entire 18, then the total money spent will be around $18.


One more way to score wins is the Wolf game where each hole can become a unique bet with various teams. Due to the Wolf rules, each match could play four or five golfers and all of them will be a member of the same group. For a right start here you will need to establish the tee-off order. And it’s important to follow it throughout your round.

Each hole here will be played as “the wolf” and the player will need to tee off first. When the decision is made by the golfer he and his partner will stay at this single hole. At the same time, other players will need to try to beat the bet (“the wolf”) and the “the wolf” which was selected by the player.

After the next ball, the whole process will start all over again, but the players playing the “the wolf” role will be changed by another person. One more important thing to remember before choosing this game is that you will need to select the worth of each hole.


The 6-6-6 gambling option is one of the newest Nassau modifications. This is a great choice for those who can’t agree on the appropriate teams (2 v. 2). According to the 6-6-6 betting game rules the total number of players who could take part here is four. Also, take into account that after the 6 bets will be made you will need to switch the partner and make a new bet.

For example, here for the 1-6 holes Player A & Player B will be partners, while Player A & Player C become partners for the 7-12 holes. And Player A & Player D will be the partners for the latest 13-18 holes. Because of the unique bet, every six holes rule for the person who will play a 3&1 in this game, it’s important to make the $3 bet per match plus $1 for birdies.


For those who are looking for new options to gamble on the Daytona game can be a great choice. Due to its rules, all the team scores will be registered as a double-digit number. For example, if you want to make four and your partner five, then the final number will be 45. At the same time if two of your opponents make 5 and 6 their total score will be 56. As the result between 45 and 56 will be the differential into 11, so this will be the number of points that you will win.

But the game can be even more fun if you choose to make a birdie. This choice will bring you the 65 scores which will be inverted from the 56. So here the total differential will be even more (about 20), and the winning will be much bigger as in the first case.


Hammer games can be played 1 vs. 1 (you and one more golfer), or 2 vs. 2 (two people in your team and the same number of opponents). Here all the holes will be played for a designated sum. At the same time, each player can “hammer” the opponent, but he could decline it, and forfeit the hole. If the “hammer” is accepted, then the stake will be doubled. But remember that your opponent always could “hammer” you back until the hole will be collected.

To Sum Up

As you can see there are a lot of great options for golfers that you can use for profitable golf betting games. But not to lose your money and get some profit you will need to learn all the differences between all the game types and choose the best one. With good preparation and the right strategy, each ball can become a winning bet. So learn the rules of golf games.


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