22nd Jun2022

Romford Film Festival 2022: Katerina Philippou-Curtis on her short ‘Fire Ants’

by Kevin Haldon

Our man Kevin, host of our Nerdly Out Loud podcast and YouTube channel, took part in this year’s Romford Film Festival, where he’s streamed interviews with actors, directors and various filmmaking types EVERY NIGHT! Here’s an edited version from another of Kev’s live streams… This time he has the chance to sit down and talk with director Katerina Philippou-Curtis and her cinematographer/DOP/VFX/husband Paul Curtis to talk about their latest short movie Fire Ants.

Fire Ants takes place in a dystopian near future on the 788th day of Lockdown, where Covid mutation No.3 has taken place, and compulsory segregation by genetic immunity forces families apart.


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