24th May2022

Mantic Universe Podcast – Episode 1.0: Getting Drunk and Stealing Someone’s Hat

by Phil Wheat

Here’s the latest episode of the Mantic Universe Podcast, part of the ever-growing podcast roster here on Nerdly. Listen to long-time Nerdly writer Chris and his co-host Clement share their passion for Mantic Tabletop games. Deadzone, Kings of war, Firefight and more! (Clement also likes Vanguard, take a shot every time he mentions it). Battle reports, hobby talk, growing the community and more.

Mantic Universe Podcast Episode 1.0 – Getting Drunk and Stealing Someone’s Hat

Segment 1: Introduction
Segment 2: Podcast presentation
Segment 2.1/Who are we?
Segment 2.2/Brief Gaming history
Segment 2.3/Why are we doing a Podcast
Segment 2.4/ What we play?
Segment 2.5/ Why do we love Mantic games?
Segment 3: Mantic News
Segment 4: Sci fi: Firefight
Segment 4.1: what is – 2nd edition!
Segment 4.2: why we love firefight/are excited about it!
Segment 4.3: getting ready for FF
Segment 4.4: what we’re looking forward to/planning for FF
Segment 5: Sci-fi: Deadzone
Segment 5.1: latest news for us on DZ
Segment 5.2: campaign coming up!
Segment 5: Fantasy: KoW
Segment 5.1: currently on our mind:
Segment 5.2: Next in KoW
Segment 6: Armada
Segment 7: Walking Dead
Segment 8: Other
Segment 9: Topic of the Month
Segment 10: Next Month/conclusion

Thanks for downloading and listening to the Mantic Universe Podcast, please get in touch with us on manticuniversepodcast@gmail.com

You can also check out the official Mantic Universe Podcast page right here


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