27th Feb2022

Romford Horror Festival 2022 – Nerdly’s pick for Best Actor

by Kevin Haldon

As you may know Nerdly, the website, and our fledgling – but growing – YouTube channel are proudly latched on to the Romford Film Festival. I have loved working on the panels and having discussions about what we should and shouldn’t show, what should be nominated and what should win. However, I and my esteemed judges don’t always agree and sometimes you can see your favourite falling down the list. It’s not to say you were wrong to champion the flick just that something else just shone that little bit brighter, this my friends is the true magic of cinema.

I’ve already brought you my choices of Nerdly’s pick for the Best Feature Film and Best Actress. The thought process is that, honestly, I have a terrible memory and can’t actually remember what won what. I am going to go through some of the categories and give you what I think should take the coveted Rommy for that category. This time out we are dealing with BEST ACTOR…


  • Andrew Readman (Tales of the Creeping Death)
  • David Doukan (Transfert)
  • Dean Kilby (Manfish)
  • Hugo Nicolu (Familiar)
  • Pete Bird (Wyvern Hill)
  • Nikola Vujovic (Moon Drops)

Another very very strong category for the performers with Dean Kilby putting in a star turn in Manfish, Hugo Nicolu bringing top-level intensity to the already nerve-jangling Familiar.

Transfert was a simply brilliant sci-fi time travel short set in WWII that I really thought had a ton of promise and potential, it’s lead David Doukan did a stand out job. However he needed more time to really show something and I would love to see this as a fleshed-out feature.

When it comes to the Rommy for Best Actor though, for me Andrew Readman was the cream. Now all the performers here were excellent but in the role of the Old Man narrator in Tales of the Creeping Death, Readman stole the show. It’s no secret that I’m a Micheal Socha fan but even he was playing second fiddle in this movie BUT rightly so as the focus in their shared scenes was to serve as a wrap-around to the short stories, of which Readman’s character had the bigger connection and I loved his commitment to just upping the ante and getting crazy with it when needed to.

Tales of the Creeping Death is a spot on anthology movie that never once takes itself too seriously and this actor portrays exactly that in his role.

HOWEVER, did the team agree with this pick or was I fighting a losing battle on this one? No spoilers here but I am sure you will all find out soon enough.

I will be back shortly with another Nerdly Romford Horror pick so keep ’em peeled.


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