04th Jan2022

‘The Rumperbutts’ VOD Review

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Kori Gardner, Jason Hammel, Josh Brener, Arian Moayed, Vanessa Ray | Written and Directed by Marc Brener

Writer/director Marc Brener’s new comedy The Rumperbutts, features Blue Bloods star Vanessa Ray and Josh Brener from HBO’s Silicon Valley and tells the story of a married couple and indie band duo, who never reached the success that they had always hoped, decides to stop pursuing their dream when a financial opportunity arises for them to perform on a new children’s program called “The Rumperbutts.” In spite of all the money and newfound success, the two of them are miserable and have spilt up. However, on one magical evening, a mysterious stranger comes into their lives and gives them a second chance.

Speaking of second chances, The Rumperbutts was originally released way back in 2015 but is now making its digital debut from Global Digital Releasing, who are marketing this one on the back of actors Vanessa ray and Josh Brenner, who have both gone on to more high profile shows and movies. Marketing of course that totally neglects to mention that the titular characters, Bonnie and Jack aka The Rumperbutts, are played by husband and wife duo Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, also known as the band Mates of State – who provide all this films music. And its really, REALLY, good music. Sweet, pop-infused indie tunes that provide not only a decent soundtrack to the film but also add a depth to the story.

And that story is essentially a take on A Christmas Carol – the kind of movie that takes its characters on a journey through their lives from their first meeting to the breakdown of their relationship, allowing them to see what went wrong, what’s missing from their lives and – as all films with a happy ending – how they can fix things and re-find their spark. Only this sums “fairy godmother” is a weird guy called Richie, played by Josh Brener, who gives the pair magical spliffs!

The Rumperbutts also deviates from the traditional story by showing Bonnie and Jack that their career totally ruined by their intoxicated actions (which may or may not have taken place). But having no job, no longer being titular kid-friendly singing duo, feeling bound by servitude, frees the pair in much the same way as quitting a job in ANY toxic workplace is freeing (believe me I know, thanks to my former day job!). No longer being sell-outs allows them to rediscover their passion for making their own music and their passion for each other. Eventually allowing them to realise that they can be BOTH The Rumperbutts and musicians in their own right – finding a balance between creative freedom and financial responsibility. Which is certainly something I can relate to!

Moralistic, without ever being preachy; and packed with catchy fun pop songs, The Rumperbutts is a magical tale both literally and figuratively. This could’ve have been another Once, with a downbeat, serious take on the relationship between musicians but adding Josh Brener’s weirdly hilarious “spirit guide / fairy godmother” character gives the film a remarkably more fun slant which perfectly matches the tome of the pop music within – all ultimately coming together to create an uplifting film which will leave the audience with a smile on their face!

***½  3.5/5

The Rumperbutts is out now on digital from Global Digital Releasing.


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