21st Dec2021

Video Review: ‘Krays: Code of Silence’

by Kevin Haldon

Here’s Kev with a video review of new thriiler Krays: Code of Silence, which is based on a true story and releases in the UK on DVD and digital on 27th December 2021.

The sixties, London: hemlines are up, and so is the crime rate, the highest level on record. As the Beatles rule the airwaves, heading for world domination – The Krays are on the rise too… using their inimitable violent ways to gain power over the city. Extortion, robbery and murder are rife throughout the capital. Everyone knows the criminals responsible, but will anyone risk it all and speak out against them? One man, the fearless Detective Nipper Read, is sent in to tackle the unenviable task… bringing the city back under the rule of law and taking on the country’s most feared mobsters in the process. As he faces bent coppers, political backstabbing, and terrified witnesses, Nipper becomes increasingly obsessed, putting everything and everyone he knows at risk. Determined to bring down London’s most feared gangsters, he will push the rules, his moral compass, and his own sense of who he is, to the very edge… to break the code of silence.

Directed by Ben Mole, Krays: Code of Silence stars Stephen Moyer (True Blood, Hatton Garden Job), Alec Newman (Bright Young Things, The Snowman), Ian Sharp (Twist, Arthur & Merlin: Knights of Camelot), Michael Higgs (Assassination Games, Broken), Ronan Summers (Spooks, Jurassic World) and Andrew Tiernan (The Pianist, Prime Suspect).

2 Responses to “Video Review: ‘Krays: Code of Silence’”

  • Jamie Foote

    Thanks for all your kind words about the film.

    My name is Jamie Foote and I was the Production Designer, it’s good to know the hard work that you put into these things on the minimal budget you receive pays off and gets the feel across.

    I’ll forward this video over to Ronan because I’m sure he will appreciate it too.

    • kevin haldon

      Hey Jamie

      Thank for checking out the review, I always love to know the actors and directors took a minute to watch but when the real magicians behind the scenes take a minute to watch, that means so much to me.

      I dunno what the budget was but you guys made this flick gorgeous and that’s something I’m always gonna shout out.

      Thanks again for watching the review and let’s spread the word together