14th Dec2021

NOES 4 star returns to the horror genre in ‘Nightfall’

by Phil Wheat

Danny Hassel from parts four and five of the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise returns to the horror world in Nightfall, a new vampire film from rebel filmmaker Rene Perez (Cry Havoc) who specializes in making retro themed grindhouse style movies.

Nightfall is filming now and stars Viveann Vankeith, Chelsea Evered alongside Danny Hassel who plays a militaristic protector to a beautiful and ancient Vampire played by Wilma Elles. Check out the teaser artwork for the film below:

One Response to “NOES 4 star returns to the horror genre in ‘Nightfall’”

  • Mi

    Let me guess, some guy in a mask chases a topless woman in the woods and a he-man macho type saves her and fistfights the guy in the mask. There I’ve described every movie Rene Perez has made.