07th Dec2021

‘Single All The Way’ Review (Netflix)

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Michael Urie, Philemon Chambers, Barry Bostwick, Kathy Najimy, Jennifer Robertson, Luke Macfarlane, Madison Brydges, Alexandra Beaton, Steve Lund, Jennifer Coolidge | Written by Chad Hodge | Directed by Michael Mayer

Netflix have really upped their game this year for Christmas movies, at least in the sheer number of them if not for the quality. That said, I always look forward to seeing the next one and Single All The Way is the latest Hallmark-looking festive rom-com to hit the service.

After yet another failed relationship ends just before the holiday season starts, Peter decides he doesn’t want to face the judgement of his family yet again for being single as he visits them for Christmas. He soon manages to persuade his best friend Nick (obviously had to be that name) to come home with him and pretend they are now in a relationship.

Even if you have never seen a rom-com before you can probably guess where this one is going without even seeing a single minute of it. But that’s not really a problem, not for me anyway. Most romantic comedies and even more so with ones set at Christmas, are very predictable. It’s more about the journey in getting to that end point and the couple getting together and if that is entertaining. And for the most part, Single All The Way achieves this.

The characters are nice, friendly and likeable people. I don’t need anybody to be horrible in this movie. Even the love interest who you don’t want Peter to get with is just a nice person in a bad situation. Single All The Way is a happy movie and you’ll be smiling from start to finish in all its cheesiness.

This is very much a Christmas movie too. It is obviously set at Christmas and the story heavily involves Peter going back to his home town for the holidays but there’s so much more Christmasness (have I made up that word?) to it. Characters are constantly putting decorations up to the point that the families house is covered in lights. That same house gets not one but two scenes where different trees get put up and decorated in the house. There’s snow covering the whole town throughout the movie and Christmas music seems to be always playing. This is very much a Christmas movie and all the better for it.

Some of the younger cast struggle a little bit but the performances are mostly good too. Michael Urie of Ugly Betty plays Peter and although he’s a very stereotypical rom-com lead he’s enjoyable but Philemon Chambers is even better as best friend Nick. Barry Bostwick and Kathy Najimy have good chemistry as the mum and dad while Jennifer Robertson continues her Schitt’s Creek form playing a slightly loud and quirky character.

The script, and the dialogue in particular, isn’t great at times. Even for my low Christmas rom-com standards. Even the cast couldn’t save some of the poorer lines. Because it is so predictable and unoriginal, it’s nowhere near as good as Netflix’s own recent Christmas movie Love Hard. But those looking for another easy and enjoyable festive rom-com will love sitting down and watching this with a cup of hot chocolate and their favourite festive pyjamas.

*** 3/5

Single All The Way is available on Netflix now.


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