25th Nov2021

Poster & Trailer for ‘The Devil in my Heart’

by Phil Wheat

Joston “El Rey” Theney’s SinningWorks recently acquired the rights to the Lucky Stike horror film The Devil in my Heart, directed by Romane Simon.

Written for the screen by novelist Rhonnie Fordham whose recent work includes the acclaimed “Last Serial Killer” series, The Devil in my Heart follows Vikki (Emily Killian) as she searches for her missing husband after surviving a brutal home invasion. The film also stars Tom Sizemore, Lilian Lev and daytime soap stars Matthew Ashford and Judi Evans.

Suffering frightening hallucinations after an attack on her family, Vikki must embark on a journey through her own hell to find her missing husband and restore her sanity.

The Devil in my Heart is available on major VOD platforms now.

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