15th Oct2021

‘Stargirl 2×10: Summer School – Chapter Ten’ Review

by Jason Brigger

Stars: Brec Bassinger, Luke Wilson, Amy Smart, Yvette Monreal, Anjelika Washington, Trae Romano, Christopher Baker | Created by Geoff Johns

What Happened This Week

This week, Eclipso takes the next steps in destroying the JSA, Courtney and Pat finally get to the heart of their issues, a hero returns, and the Shade reveals himself. While the episode is more of a set-up episode for the season finale (in two episodes!), it does provide some much needed background into the JSA and the Shade.

Lack of Trust

As been the norm for the past few episodes, we start this week with a flashback to Starman trying to convince Pat why they had to kill Bruce Gordon. Starman admits that although he may not always acknowledges it, he sees Pat as a brother and knows Pat is always looking out for him. This is the reason Starman voted with Wildcat and Hourman in support of killing Bruce Gordon…he couldn’t stand to see Pat, or his family killed by Eclipso. It’s a tender moment that goes beyond a typical hero and his sidekick conversation and shows how strong of a friendship Starman and Pat had at one time.

Back in the present, Courtney is still arguing with her mother and Pat about not telling her the truth. The family argument gets worse when Mike finds out the truth and not only is the relationship with their parents struggling, so is Courtney’s opinion of the original JSA. Pat tries to justify the reason the JSA killed Gordon was due to Dr. Mid-Niter’s daughter was just murdered by Eclipso, but Courtney and Mike still feel there were other ways to stop the villain. I understand the trust issue Courtney has but she’s being a little tough on Pat as it’s not like they were dealing with a normal villain; Eclipso is a demon and the JSA had no other choice. Give Pat a break Courtney!

After the Shade crashes the party and tells our heroes how to stop Eclipso (see below), Courtney and Pat take a road trip to find the only person that can fix the diamond, Jennie, aka Green Lantern! After a detour to the original JSA headquarters, Pat learns Jennie is in Civic City at the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation. It seems Jennie previously left our heroes as she went searching for her brother but the stress of finding her sibling was too much and she started to lose control. She apologizes for leaving but tells Courtney that a person would do anything to protect their family. Courtney realizes Jennie is right and begins to forgive Pat.

Pat and Courtney promise Jennie that they can help her control her powers but first they need her to stop Eclipso. Jennie agrees to help and while on their way to the JSA headquarters, Courtney catches her up on all the lies, deaths, and anything else she may have missed while she was gone. Trust me Jennie, a lot happened. Jennie, with the help of Courtney, is able to put the diamond pieces back together, but their happiness isn’t for long when Eclipso shows up!

The now formed diamond actually attracted Eclipso to it and while our heroes attempt to stop him, Eclipso is just too much for them. I mean, Pat even attempted to stop Eclipso with a wrench…that’s not going to work. The episode ends with a shocking twist as Eclipso sends Courtney to the Shadowlands while Pat and Jennie are helpless to save her.

The Truth About Shade

The above-mentioned argument in Courtney’s house ends abruptly when the Shade arrives at their home, asking for help as he is dying. The Shade admits he hasn’t always been a good person but since he is dying, he wants to change that by telling our heroes how to stop Eclipso. They must join the black diamond back together again and then they can trap Eclipso in it. Despite the Shade dying, Courtney still doesn’t trust leaving him with her mother and Mike, so she asks Beth to stand guard over him.

Beth, through her goggles, is able to communicate with the original Dr. Mid-Niter and learns that the Shade may be a decent person after all. The good doctor tells Beth that the Shade never tried to kill anyone, he was really saving him from Eclipso by sending him to the Shadowlands. This gets Beth to start thinking that the Shade may be able to pull the Dr. Mid-Niter back into the real world. Beth pulls up all the files the googles have on Eclipso and starts doing her homework on the villain.

While doing her research, Beth realizes that by fixing the diamond, it will actually combine our world with the Shadowlands. Once Jenni fixes the diamond, the Shade wakes up and reveals he had to lie to Barbara and Beth as the formation of the diamond is the only way he can restore his health and his powers. The Shade quickly vanishes before Barbara and Beth can do anything and despite his lies, I sense the Shade knows he had to lie to them in order be at full strength to help our heroes stop Eclipso.

Quick Notes:

  • While out riding his bike, Mike comes across a house made completely of candy with giant gumdrops in the front yard. Mike realizes that Thunderbolt is responsible for this, and he might be able to get the genie back in order to help stop Eclipso.

Quote of the Week:

Starman to Pat: “Family isn’t born. It’s chosen. You taught me that.”

Grade: B- (Good)

Stargirl focused mostly on the background of the JSA and the Shade and while the episode was still fun, it mainly served to get everything in place for the season finale. The overall theme this season has been family and what people would do to protect them and this episode continued that theme. Whether it was Pat justifying the JSA’s reason for killing Gordon or Jennie leaving her friends to search for her brother or even Courtney realizing why Pat lied to her, family is the key to our heroes. The episode’s three surprises: 1) Courtney being sent to the Shadowlands 2) Jennie returning as the Green Lantern and 3) Mike finding Thunderbolt again, causes one to predict that all three are needed to stop Eclipso when the final battle arrives this season. The JSA coming together again, as family does, and sending Eclipso to the Shadowlands will be more fulfilling than last season’s finale and one I cannot wait to see.

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