12th Oct2021

Top 5: Horror Games For Your Mobile This Halloween

by James Smith

As we enter the run up to Halloween once again it’s time for us to take a little look at some of the spookiest games you can play on your mobile phone. Halloween and it’s mix of celebration, folklore and frights is a rich source of inspiration for all kinds of creative works – films, books, cartoons, art, and of course …. games. There is nothing like a fun-filled and terrifying adventure downloaded straight from the app store. So, here are five of our current faves to set you on your way to a spine-tingling Halloween!

Have fun and be brave!

Into the Dead 2

If you love your Zombie movies and Zombie games then you can’t beat a bit of Into the Dead 2, the sequel to the original game for iPhone and iPad. This is a good old-fashioned shoot-em-up where you can arm yourself with stacks of weapons from machetes and flick knives to sawn off shot guns and super-charged booster rockets. In the tradition of great Zombie film narratives, your objective here it to save your family from the dreaded living dead in a post-apocalyptic world where you never know what is going to happen next. This one is free to download and will keep you occupied for a few hours, running down the hordes and finding every more satisfying ways to destroy the dead!

Endless Nightmare

This weird cult classic game is better still than Into the Dead. Not least because of its simple plot with an unexplained horror character who wants the protagonist dead! Here you are a policeman whose family has been brutally slain. James returns home to find his wife and daughter cut to pieces and then becomes the target of a mad knife-wielding woman who wants to kill him too! Bizarre but weirdly enthralling, the relentless actions of your tormentor will keep you up for hours even after you put the phone down to try to sleep. Find this one on the App Store too.

Dracula Slot

Horror stories have provided the inspiration for many crazy video slot games, including the Halloween and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises. So it’s no surprise that the oldest horror story of all time, Dracula, popped up on this game earlier in 2021. This one is from Stakelogic and offers 25 paylines across 5 game reels. If you want to win some money whilst you get scared, then this is a great place to start. Features to help increase your wins include free spins, wilds that substitute for other icons to create winning lines, and multipliers applied to existing wins. You can win up to 3,750x your stake on any spin here. There is more information on how to play in this review.

Stranger Things – The Game

One of Netflix’s best series, Stranger Things, with its mix of Stand By Me style camaraderie amongst kids and scary otherworldliness has now inspired this game for mobile. The gameplay mixes up fighting with puzzles and draws on the retro-style of the TV show which has many references to 80s culture. You can pick any of the 12 main characters from the show to represent whilst you play. Fans of the series will absolutely love this one, though it’s not as scary as some of the other titles in this list.

Layers of Fear – Solitude

Perhaps the best of the bunch is this psychological horror game with a totally original plot line. The protagonist this time is a painter from the Victorian era who has some issues that cause him to see things and hear things. Whilst he tries to complete his paintings, the visuals around him are changing constantly. He moves from room to room, constantly haunted by the terrifying surroundings and apparently going through some sort of alcohol withdrawal psychosis. In the end the outcome of this game, which was originally built for PlayStation and Xbox, depends on your actions and a series of puzzles you must figure out the resolution to.

Of all the games in our list, Layers of Fear is perhaps the most disturbing. If you like a good psychological scare, then this is our top recommendation to try on your mobile this Halloween.

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