05th Oct2021

‘Death Drop Gorgeous’ Review

by Alain Elliott

Stars: Wayne Gonsalves, Payton St. James, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, Christopher Dalpe | Written and Directed by Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras-Sanchez

It’s unlikely that you go into Death Drop Gorgeous not knowing what to expect. But just in case you’ve came upon this review blind, then here’s what you get. A dejected bartender returns to his home town and gets a job at the local gay bar in which ageing drag queens are pushed aside by newer, younger performers. But that doesn’t seem like much of a problem when a serial killer is on the loose, killing gay men and draining them of their blood.

I was basically expecting Ru Paul’s Drag Race in the form of a horror movie and that’s actually not too far from what I got but maybe that’s doing Death Drop Gorgeous a disservice. Maybe what it does best is it’s slasher movie moments. In particular the death scenes. They are mostly imaginative and original and full of glorious low-budget gore. I say low budget because it clearly is but that doesn’t mean it’s not great. Intestines fall out of stomachs, blood sprays everywhere and in the most horrific of death scenes a meta grinder is used to literally chew up a guys genitals. It’s as wince-inducing as it sounds! When a slasher movie gets its death scenes right, it’s halfway there to getting its film right.

Unfortunately there is things that Death Drop Gorgeous doesn’t do as well as its deaths. It doesn’t seem to focus on it’s main story for big parts, at least a lot of the first half, of the movie. Instead it introduces lots of colourful but often forgettable characters. Sometimes only forgettable because we get such little time to learn about them. And it’s not only that we see such little of them but for me at least, I couldn’t really relate to anyone and they weren’t at all likeable. Except for maybe the lead Dwayne (newcomer Wayne Gonsalves) but to call him likeable might be pushing it even if Gonsalves does well ion the role. The best performance comes from Michael McAdam as Gloria Hole. A perfectly bitchy, old and always annoyed drag queen who steals every scene they are in.

The movie actually improves once we get the ‘reveal’. Not only does it pretty much end the sight of the masked killer – I did not like the ‘mask’ design – and once we know the killer, things are better. The movie as a whole isn’t quite the over-the-top acted feature I was expecting and when it tries to be a little bit more ‘serious’ it’s just as entertaining, even going down a more arty route occasionally.

There’s plenty of people that will hate this but these aren’t the people this movie is made for. There’s people that will have a group of friends round, have a few drinks and have lots of fun with Death Drop Gorgeous. Although it needs a little more focus and is perhaps twenty minutes too long, go in with this mindset and there’s plenty enough to enjoy.

Death Drop Gorgeous is out now on digital from Dark Star Pictures.


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