30th Sep2021

eBuying Comics: Week 65

by Ian Wells

The month of October will be dedicated to running auctions in support of The Hero Initiative. This is a project I have been planning the logistics for, for some time now. During the height of the pandemic probably seemed the best time to do it as it was helping a worthwhile cause. Of course on a personal level it was rather difficult getting out and about to do it. It was more effective to support comic shops by buying as much as possible online and supporting them on social media in anyway I could. Doing a sale on eBay for The Hero Initiative is a more encompassing way to give back to the comics community. I will be right up front and say I will be donating 70% of all sales to HI. Leaving the rest of the income to cover my P+P costs. Originally it was solely going to be a graphic novel sale, so I could promote good reading at the same time. While the bulk of the listings will be trade paperbacks and the odd hardcover, I am also expanding to other items. These include items from upcoming and past sales like the X-Men sale and the trading card sale. Most of the listings will be for items I have previously listed during my time writing ‘eBuying Comics.’ There will be a few new items too. So while it may seem I have these previously unsold items and higher prices I am appealing to the good in people, hoping they dig deep for a worthy cause. I believe the best option is to start my listings with a set price and a best offer option. As the month progresses this may change depending on items popularity and other factors.


The Hero Initiative was founded in 2000. It is the first ever federally chartered nonprofit corporation which is solely dedicated to helping comic book creators in need. The help can come in the form of paying for medical aid, financial support and getting creators back into paid work after time away. Jim McClauchin is one of the founding members of HI. He has a wealth if experience in comics after years at Wizard Magazine and Top Cow. There are two separate teams within HI working towards the same goal. The Fundraising board and the disbursement committee. The roles of both groups are pretty self explanatory and both groups are like a who’s, who of comics top talent. Currently serving to name a few are Laura Martin, Howard Chaykin, George Perez and Joe Quesada. This for me shows the scope of what The Hero Initiative is all about. You have todays talents, along side titans of the industry raising money to help out the generation before them. Helping out creators who inspired them maybe to get into comics in the first place. Really it can be a never ending circle. In a few years time there will be creators who you enjoy now, perhaps taking up roles within HI to help the creators that inspired them and are now serving with HI. There could be someone this week seeing an MCU movie for the first time and going on to discover comics. Fast forward ten or so years and they could be supporting the creators that are now inspiring them to take up the pen. I recently reread the trade paperback for Howard Chaykin’s ‘Hey Kids Comics.’ At the back there is a Hero Initiative advert which sums it up perfectly. There are two images. On the left is and young fan meeting his idol at a con. On the right is the young fan now with a family again meeting his idol at a con. The caption is “There for you then, there for them now.” On the HI website there are many tutorials from creators who have been helped out by all involved with the initiative . They do a far better job than I am doing.

There are many ways to support The Hero Initiative. Firstly pop over to their site (heroinitiative.org) for all the information. The easiest way is to make a donation via Paypal. On the website they also offer a range of very cool merchandise. These range from Overstreet price guide exclusive variant covers, exclusive sketchbooks and an array of signed prints. Perhaps one of the most well known and successful products is the ‘100 Project’. This is a collection of 100 blank cover variants done by the industries top talent. Previous ‘100 Projects’ include TMNT, Fantastic Four, Batman and Wonder Woman. I myself have the Wolverine edition and it is such a fun collection. It showcases the diversity and range of the industries creative talent. Many working on the character for the very first and only time. The collections are available in soft and hardcovers. another product I have from them and can’t speak highly enough of is ‘The 3 Minute Sketchbook.’ As the titled suggests it is a collection of sketches done in under 3 minutes, collected by Michael Finn. Again it is just a fun piece supporting a great cause. When else are you going to see Kevin Eastman, Todd McFarlane, Tim Vigil and Joe Sinnott on one project? These books are like Live Aid for comics! Unfortunately the ‘3 minute sketchbook’ is no longer available, it was titled volume 1 so watch this space for a long overdue sequel. All of these items are also available through their Bay store. As well as some more high end original art pieces.


My Hero Initiative Auction Listings:

  • Over There #1-#2 signed by Jason Aaron
  • Sin City Assorted ‘Marv’ Trading Cards
  • Sin City Assorted ‘Miho’ Trading Cards
  • Sin City Assorted ‘Dames’ Trading Cards
  • 300 #3
  • Deathlok 4 issue set 1990
  • Marvel Vignettes Volume 1
  • Death of Captain America Hardcover
  • Lovecraft Anthology Volume 1
  • Deadpool: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly TPB

Never before in the pages of eBuying Comics have I ever shared my eBay name. But as this is something I am passionate about please search comicsseller87. All these items and more will be going live over the weekend of the 2nd October. Also check my twitter @IanWells87 for updates. Short and sweet this time out but with good intentions and a strong message.


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