24th Sep2021

‘Creepshow 3×01’ Review (Shudder)

by Alain Elliott

After two brilliant movies (the second one is my personal favourite of the two and I’m ignoring number three), Creepshow has been reintroduced to the horror audience with a TV show on Shudder. After two seasons it’s been pretty great so far and this week sees the first episode of Season three released on the streaming platform.

Featuring two stories, the first is Mums directed by Rusty Cundieff (Tales From The Hood) and based on the story by Joe Hill. In it, a young boy Jack (Brayden Benson) has his mother forcefully taken away from him by his father (the always excellent Ethan Embry), claiming that she is starting to drink again. This isn’t true though and the father just wants her out of their lives, soon Jack realises this.

It’s a kind of ridiculous but brilliant story once it gets going, The highlight, like many of these Creepshow episodes, are the practical effects here. More than influenced by Evil Dead here and there’s one moment that will first leave you open-mouthed but then with a big smile because of how awesome it is. The ‘monsters’ in Mums look fantastic and find different ways to hurt their victim and everything is done in that comic book style. A really strong start to the season.

The second story is Queen Bee. Here, a group of three teenagers break into a hospital (The Haddonfield Myers Hospital!) to attempt to witness their favourite singer give birth. Yeah, it is as kind of ridiculous as it sounds but that doesn’t mean it’s not a whole lot of fun and trust me, things get even more ridiculous in the best way possible. The singer isn’t quite what they thought she was and we soon see a very big transformation. Leading to some more very cool, perhaps even better, practical effects. There’s a few things here that are not fully explained but at twenty three minutes long, that’s fine. There’s a bit of cheesiness to the dialogue but the young cast deliver the lines well and you end up with this almost coolness to the dialogue.

The green-eyed ‘nurses’ create some nice images and there’s some nice deaths. Perhaps not quite as strong as Mums but visually Queen Bee is really impressive.

Season three is off to a strong start and as always the Creepshow team have got it spot on with the excellent practical effects. New episodes will be arriving every Thursday on Shudder so make sure you check them out!


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