14th Sep2021

Tips and Tweaks to Become a Netflix Power User

by James Smith

Technology advancements have resulted in a paradigm shift from traditional television to internet video content streaming. Streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, to mention a few, are all familiar to us.

Enhancing your streaming experience covers a wide range of topics, including online video quality and buffer-free streaming. However, accessing Netflix’s regional libraries is an important part of optimising your viewing experience.

Let’s discuss the factors that can help you become a Netflix power user and make the best of the service.

Always use a VPN

Have you ever had a fantastic download speed while browsing or casually perusing the Internet yet noticed increased latency and buffering while watching Netflix? If this is the case, you should utilise a VPN service.

It’s because your internet service provider has slowed down your connection. When your ISP recognises that you need more bandwidth to stream TV episodes and movies, it slows down your download speed. Unfortunately, it isn’t much you can do about it except using a VPN connection.

A VPN can encrypt your Internet traffic and hide the fact that you’re streaming from your ISP. This way, you’ll always have enough bandwidth to watch your favourite shows.

Accessing geo-restricted streaming content is another benefit of utilising a VPN connection. We all know that American Netflix has the largest media library, and many movies and series may not be available in your area. So, to access multiple Netflix regional libraries, you’ll need to use a VPN.

Invest in a super-speed internet connection

If you’re watching your favourite program online, a sluggish or inconsistent Internet may ruin your mood. To avoid speed-related Internet issues, it’s critical to get Internet service from a reputable ISP. Furthermore, if your router is malfunctioning, it might jeopardise your streaming experience.

Netflix, by the way, has a list of recommended Internet speeds to help you get the most out of your streaming experience:

  • Minimum broadband speed – 0.5 Mbps
  • Netflix recommended speed – One Mbps
  • SD Quality – 3 Mbps
  • HD Quality – 5 Mbps
  • Ultra HD Quality – 25 Mbps

Not only that but the quality of Netflix videos is also determined by the monthly plan you choose. For example, your basic plan does not allow you to watch 4K HD movies; only a premium plan allows you to do so.

Go for a wired connection

A wired Ethernet connection is more dependable than a wireless connection, as we all know. If your home’s Wi-Fi signal is weak, you can use an Ethernet connection to continue streaming without interruption.

In addition, a cable connection is safer than a wireless connection. You won’t have to worry about your credit card or other personal information being stolen this way.

If your router is tiny or situated too far away from your laptop or smart TV, you may encounter inconsistent Internet connections. Furthermore, electrical gadgets in the same room as the router might generate interference, causing the Wi-Fi signals to degrade even more.

Limit the connected devices

You should be aware that your Internet connection is divided by the number of devices connected – the greater the number of devices connected to a Wi-Fi network, the slower the download speed. As a result, connecting a small number of devices while viewing Netflix can dramatically improve your streaming experience.

Clear caches

Clear the Browser Cache If you’re having problems with your Internet browser while streaming, you can clear the cache to fix the problem. It’s because the browser’s speed is harmed by a large number of temporary garbage files.

You’re probably wondering how to clear the cache at this point. Don’t worry; we’ve taken care of everything for you. To remove Chrome’s cache, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings and select Privacy and Security from the drop-down menu.
  • Next, pick Clear Browsing Data from the Clear Browsing Data menu.
  • You may also review your history and other site data if you wish; however, clearing all the data is suggested to improve Chrome’s speed.

It’s much easier if you’re using an Android device to stream. It’s as simple as going to settings and selecting applications. Then, go to the storage tab and select the clean cache option.

A browser extension is a must

Download Chrome extensions like Trim to improve your Netflix watching experience. This addon adds IMDB ratings to the Netflix program, allowing you to pick the best-rated streaming material. You won’t have to waste hours looking for movies that meet your preferences this way.

Additionally, you may install the Netflix Party Chrome extension, which is quite popular. With this plugin, you can watch the latest movies with your friends in real-time. Isn’t it great?


We don’t want to watch the low-quality video with latency and buffering. Those days of buying pirated DVDs are long gone. It’s the digital age, and the Internet allows you to access infinite streaming material instantly.

So, follow the tips, invest in a VPN, bypass geo-blocking, and make the most of your money!


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