10th Sep2021

Video Unboxing: Space Jam 2 “Tune Squad” watch from UNDONE

by Phil Wheat

Check out this unboxing of the Space Jam: A New Legacy “TUNE SQUAD” watch from the folks at UNDONE.

As part of the Space Jam: A New Legacy collection, the customizable “Tune Squad” gives you the option to customize the watch by picking your favorite teammate. Choose one from our 16 Looney Tunes characters and place it at 6:00, alongside Bugs Bunny at 3:00 and LeBron James at 9:00. A semi-transparent dial with a date display offers a glimpse of the intricate mechanical quartz movement beneath. It is accentuated by the orange halo and chronograph second hand. Continuing the color scheme, it is only natural for the orange accents to be complemented with a navy blue rubber strap.

Find out more and buy yours at: https://www.undone.com/uk/watch-detail/undone-space-jam-tune-squad

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